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  1. first trip out for beach fishing didn't know that when wind arrow points right on weather forecast it means weterly so fished into a gale. Didn't know how to fish a pulley rig and had it on upside down ie impact sheild attatched to shockleader resul: blanked but i'm improving???????
  2. a few sessions planned next week will post reports after
  3. let Alan practice his injection technique on him with a nice big gauge needle!!!! demon
  4. good on ya mate blurry vision as i read this thread re injections just aim to miss your fingers works on all the patients i give injections to! pumpkin pumpkin Andrew
  5. Have used them several times to good effect in sw scotland cut them in half length ways to double the value and usage. doggies went daft for them last time i used them.
  6. Opened the guts of a Pollack at weekend to find a few prawns and ? the shell of a hermit crab!!!! wouldn't like to have to pass that
  7. tack4


    I tried cutting costs too and ended up with some kit thats ok to read the paper buy and possibly baaiting up wiyh but 'nowt like the petzl i got on ebay Scotty get shallower pockets ( turn your trousers inside out and staple/sew pockets smaller)
  8. Bob, I am cosidering the bogof deal with a mate so we should both be quids in. do you recomend the 525 gs to match up with rod or does anyone have any advice re a slosh or mag. Go for it Bob while stocks last, I wiil be. Andrew
  9. dale what set up were you using and was it rock or shore mark big casts? or just past breakers? cheers Andrew (tack4)
  10. Dale thanks for the recipie will try that with her I couldn't handle being outfished every time by her :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: I tend to fish in some more extreme/ tricky access places Her brother blanked for the first time yesterday I didn't fish just for the kids yesterday They were soaked but happy
  11. my daughter(Caitlin age 10) had her first bass today 2lb 7oz thats one more than I've ever caught only her second time out (first was a young pollack that obviously went back) went out to a mark south of Portpatrick (Botany Bay) rough and miserable weather caught on sandeel and mackrel on a float!!!! She has yet to blank!!!!!!!!!!! Her face was a picture Any good recipies as she is keen to cook it?
  12. well said pugs as a newbie i appreciate all the help i can get first few times out i clipped pulley rig on upside down and didn't know that the arrow poinitng right meant a westerly Have picked up plenty info from hear tackle shops and much from sea angler I for one would welcome a beginner section
  13. would anyone recomend the ron thompson deals? worth it or are they duff?
  14. have fished this year with fladen 12ft beachcaster and fixed spool reels (total cost approx £40) am looking to ?upgrade tackle shore/rock fishing possible budget £100 any recomendations how hard are multipliers to get used too? have been told SLOSH 20 is good reel. :confused:
  15. try veals at http://www.veals.co.uk/ or glasgow angling centre (plug new store and ask for special opening deals)http://www.fishingmegastore.com/acatalog/Fisheagle.html ask them to chuck in a RAPALA j11 or j13 blue/silver lure veals also sell there own brand lure called bass bandit there are loads of combo offers in the sea fishing mags too!
  16. is that the balcary at luce bay? no luck spinning on Friday went down the mull and got a 3lb+ pollack on sandeel from a float, fair fight a bit hairy climb up the cliff in the darkening light WON'T DO THAT AGAIN ALONE :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: came back in via terally bay to pass the time with a couple from near Hexham left what i had left of my sandeels they had two doggies whilst i was there at top of flood. Have heard the cockle shore by old repeater station fishes ok for bass from low water up so waiting for right tides
  17. cheers Dale Will give eric's ear a bend and maybe venture out this pm to a sandy mark. Maybe try spinning and plugging. Whats the "story" about cast past the third wave about
  18. I was at old shop this week remember your freebies depending on what you spend :cool: :cool:
  19. as a novice I have found the mag of great benefit but do agree with comments on repetion of some of the basics but looking to ? try mull pollack mark soon some of the long threads in the forum are hillarious
  20. Hi, new to the forum first post have been accumulating gear last wee while and having some successes catching most outings but no specemin sizes Mainly rockmarks/ shore around Stranraer ie Mull of Galloway, Terally Bay, Kilantringan, Dashers den at Port Looking for advice/tips or the odd trip if any one interested Would like some try bass fishing but unsure how where and when Cheers :confused:
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