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  1. Yup, it say's I make my own mind up, rather than allow others to make it up for me.
  2. Simon, Keep posting here, the moderators will only end up moving it to the conservation forum at some point, as it's a policy they have adopted. Regardless of how big you believe Kayak fishing to be, you are still a minority amongst anglers, just as I am with my SWFFing. The difference is that I appear to be interested in what other anglers are saying/thinking. Why weren't you spreading the 'gospel' to all anglers if you feel the issue is so important? I didn't see you posting the same information on the Sea Angling section.
  3. Climb out of your little box and read the various viewpoints yourself. http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?showforum=37
  4. If you take the time to look at the other sections on anglersnet you will see a "Conservation & Politics" section where this has been discussed, disected, analyzed and argued about at length already.
  5. Don't tell anyone about it, not even your mates down the pub. If you do the details are public and you will be stuffed for patenting it. I think Dr. Emmett Brown had already invented the Flux Capacitor though?
  6. I'll wish myself a happy birthday then. Dunno what I've done to upset Elton that he'd ban my birthday from the forum?
  7. I'm just glad that you'll never find un-informed opinion here, on AnglersNet.
  8. I know that some of the guys who fly-fish for Pike in the Baltic use heavy mono in place of wire. Another alternative is Titanium tipped furled leaders..
  9. Go to Keyword: Sounds and click on environment. Barry White tells me I have e-mail.
  10. Good to see the Shepherd doing his daily rounds checking his stock and the fences.
  11. MJB

    Fed up

    As Snatcher would say - It's nice to be nice. There are definatly some ungrateful sods out there.
  12. Not my opinion, but that of my children aged 11-17. I can't repeat what a teacher friend of mine thinks of the HP books.
  13. Is the next book going to be called "Harry Potter and the Poorly Written Tedious Pile of Tosh-part VII".
  14. If you ventured outside of the yak board you would know that the petition has been on AnglersNet for a while. Look in the 'Conservation and Politics' section. That's where your post on the 'Sea Fishing' section will end up anyway.
  15. They still talk nonsense at 17, just it's not cute anymore.
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