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  1. Andy if you are after getting some big shads and swim baits try this site: http://www.agmdiscountfishing.co.uk/large-shads-c-39_47_131.html?page=3&sort=5a I get most of my soft plastics from them.
  2. Well I caught my Bass on Caddo Lake on the Louisiana and Texas border, using a zoom sexy shad (ooh er missus). I will get a picture on when I get back this weekend. It fought a bit like a superannuated Perch all bluff and bluster for a few runs and then not much. I learned a lot about how to fish soft plastics though and I think I will try to put into practice going after Sea Bass this summer. Tony
  3. Well not to be outdone I have just gone and caught a Turtle, as usual the camera was miles away but the animal was returned unharmed. I also had a shed load of Channel Catfish up to three pounds, great fun on a travel float rod and four pound test, not so much fun on a 2.5lb test curve travel carp rod nd twelve pound test. We are off guided Bass fishing on Thursday our last day, hopefully I will get some pictures, Tony
  4. Well done everyone, we are in the USA, otherwise we would have popped down to see you all, The Highlight of our fishing so far has been Sue catching a Turtle on lobworm, still it was less messy than an Eel and easier to unhook. Tony
  5. Jim My trout leaders are all in a small rig wallet designed specifically for the job its a bit like a small sea rig wallet and is made by Lureflash (I think it came free with a set of tapered leaders from Yorkshire Game Angling).
  6. Yes, mine is to get out and do some Coarse fishing again, I really fancy catching a Tench.
  7. OOH I like Orvis stuff, but you dont get much for 200 notes!
  8. "Bob fought tirelessly for his beliefs and for his members. There can be absolutely no doubt that he played a big part in the success of the tube, and he shared my goal to make transport in London an even greater success. "It's a sad day." Boris Johnson It shows the caliber of the man when even his arch enemy Boris Johnson pays him tribute "Tell not a man just by his friends, but also what his enemies speak of him"
  9. Their Jazz band was very entertaining; pity I had work to do!
  10. Yes I'll be out....... out Trout Fishing that is, the small still waters have been remarkably un affected by the floods this winter and I have come to the conclusion that fishing for triploids (especially in the south of England) is best in winter.
  11. Hundreds of Lawyers and Solicitors, demonstrating outside of my office at this moment, (outside the Ministry of Justice actually, not TfL).
  12. From what I have seen the competitive Pro Bass circuit in the US play the fish in a similar manner.
  13. Mum lives in Forest Hall probably not too far away from you but a bloody longways from Kent. I was there when the first ever Pike was caught from Killingworth lake, by Rob Steele on a Roach dead bait.
  14. Phone Do you know of any Carp in Cross Lake or in Louisiana in General or is it just Bass and Catfish territory?
  15. I'll give it a go, one of Kingfishers waters is stuffed with Carp. I think i will try an egg fly under a bung and see what happens. I bought Flyfishing for Coarse Fish, Dominic Garnett last year and it would be nice to put it into practice.
  16. I think getting hold of a 4-5 metre pole or whip may be a better bet than a short spinning rod, for gfishing a canal. Thye can be bought at reasonably low cost.
  17. I have only been married 27 years and I can relate to it as well.
  18. I am lucky amble is only 25 minutes along the A19 and then up the coast road from my mum's. Also my best mate's caravan is a Warkworth ten minutes away (it is also alongside a Fed stretch of the Coquet, very handy for a bit of fly fishing). Do you know how the Lakes at Killingworth are fishing these days?
  19. Phil When I am back up home I am generally concentrating on catching Spotties on the fly, or discovering how effective LRF is in Amble Harbour, so I doubt i will get any coarse fishing done, it will remain as a fond memory of my youth.
  20. Matthew, I think the ML would make an ideal dropshot rod, not used mine for Freshwater dropshotting as I have two dropshot rods already and I use them for my freshwater work, mind you I can see no reason why they are not fully interchangeable.
  21. Matthew, They were so good I bought all three but the 05-7g has to be my favourite a 1lb Wrasse on those is an amaxing experience. All you need is some Isomes and you will be OK for Samphire,We use standard dropshot or splitshot rigs. Mind you bits of live Ragworm Dropshotted work pretty well.
  22. Phil There also used to be some stonking Dace in the River Tyne remeber the Gusher at Wylam/Clara Vale? I am sure some were over the 1lb mark. Tony
  23. I was LRFing last summer using 5-18g weights and fishing neap tides i had no problems getting down to the fish. I was using the Tronix Rockfish LRF rods which for the price are excellent for any one wanting to get into the LRF style of fishing. I wioll take a look at the tides in late May and see if we can set up a fish in at Samphire.
  24. It used to be a cracking River for Roach back in the 1970s I wonder what happened to them, I remember the day ticket stretch near Coldstream was particularly good as was a stetch by the chain Bridge at Norham.
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