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  1. Start fire-fox Goto Tools Select Options Goto Content Tab under file types, click on manage Find PNG and high light Select change action Select what program to use to open PNG files I use Quicktime plug-in 6.5 You may need to download plugin from firefox web site. Hope this helps
  2. The art of match fishing is to watch other anglers see what they are doing. Sometimes throwing in ground bait can kill a swim, especially if matches are common on this lake/pond I tend to use 6mm pellets on a size 18 using a pellet band. Fish about 12feet out in front to start with, feeding 6 to 10 pellets every five minutes, and at the same time throw another 6 - 10 pellets in the margins close to you. If you get nothing in front, come in close to the margins where you have thrown the pellets. Keep feeding 6 - 10 pellets in various places. Sometimes by moving your bait sl
  3. It seems that Car dealership manager contacted my daughter this afternoon, and tried to smooth things over by offering her a new contract on a different car. She refused. She told the manager she would like her deposit back. The manager told her to phone back tomorrow at 11am to discuss further. Will keep you updated.
  4. Not a word, read whole T & C document. She was supposed to have gone to those people today, will phone her now to find out if she did. Thanks for replies.
  5. Need advice:- My daughter went to a second hand car dealer, agreed terms and price, did not sign contract, decided to wait wanted time to think. She returned the next day and decided to buy the car concerned, she saw the same salesmen, who had the contract in his top drawer, she signed payed the £250 deposit. That evening she noticed the agreed prices on the contract were not the prices she had agreed verbally, an extra £900 has been added. She went back confronted the salesmen, who denies changing the contract, and that the contract signed by her is binding, she should have fully
  6. No Probs, PM me when you have more details, Could pickup either Monday or Tuesday, will be going to swanmore either wednesday or thursday
  7. If the bike rack will fit in in a hatch back, i can pick it up for you, i should be going to swanmore near southampton next week with work. PS:- financial transactions need to be completed before pick up.
  8. I would have thought the national lottery could have afforded a better e-mail address than yahooooooooo
  9. This needs further investigation. Have had over the phone valuations ranging from £50 to £2500 if i have both volumes which i have, and is the first edition which is to be verified. Have got an appointment with a few dealers and an auction house, next week.
  10. Thanks for help, 1778, 229yrs old!! Looked at the links those books have alot of artwork, this one has none, but does have alot of spelling miftakes. Probably not worth restoring?
  11. Hi, need help just raided my attic found a book the details are:- "Browns Bible" The Self-Interpreting Bible (Very Heavy) The printer & publisher is Gavin Alston of Edinburgh Dated:- MDCCLXXVIII (need help with date) Looks old but in poor condition. Does anybody know if its worth taking to a? Who do i take it too, antique dealer? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  12. I had a very similar experience in my Vectra. According to my fleet manager, what happened was the catalitic coverter detected excessive carbon monoxide and shut down my turbo, with loads of black smoke and max speed was set at 60mph. I know you state you dont have a turbo, but do you have a catalitic converter? By turning off the ignition for 2mins resets the sensors and all is ok. Just waiting for it to happen again.
  13. Sorry for delay in getting back to you, do alot of traveling around the country. In active sync once connected tick the box marked sync with outlook e-mails, contacts etc address books. You cannot do this if you are connected as a guest user, you have to be connected as a full user.
  14. is that win CE 2005 or winCE 2007? if winCE2007 then use active sync ver 4.1 if 2005 then use older version
  15. connect PDA to PC using activesync, but need to know PDA manufaturer and windows version on PDA
  16. Many thanks, still doesn`t tell me what graphic drivers are used, but it does tell me its a Diamond Flower (DFI) motherboard
  17. Its unbranded, bought it off my next door neighbour, no software was included had to buy windows XP so it is genuine copy, I think he may of got it through where he works.
  18. Hi have had side off PC, there are no markings apart from normal id marks eg com1 usb etc, no serial numbers nothing, this PC is 6 months old. BIOS doesn`t tell you what it is either only that it is a 2.8ghz intel celeron. any help would be appreciated
  19. Windows XP pro has decided to uninstall my graphics, the card is onboard and will not auto detect. I do not know make to download drivers, also do not now which motherboard i have, and PC is unmarked. How do i find out which onboard graphic card i have? or do i have to buy a PCI one?
  20. In The BIOS under slave drive settings try turning on or off S.M.A.R.T capabilities or LBA on or off, sometimes this may help
  21. You can do a low level format, which will erase everything, including partitions. This will reset the HDD back to factory defaults. Some bios will do a low level format but be warned low level formatting can take 24hours + depending on size of hardrive. or possibly if you can get hold of the manufactures firmware you could re-flash firmware, but if re-flashing fails could totally distroy HDD But this is going to extremes.
  22. Managed to sort it out thanks, But how do you upload a pic to a thread without it being a thumb nail or reduced pic?
  23. Just found paint shop pro 9
  24. my first attempt, to upload photo, had photo for a while though.
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