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  1. Cant work this out, too freaky, there has to be a logical explanation? dosen`t there Its a Mystery
  2. Trying to put 2 and 2 together probably totally wrong, Jeepster is big brother watching you?
  3. BT wrote the software, developed the system, put it all together, then decided for what ever reason not to use it. Then somehow it got sold to the French & now is the back bone of their system. The French managed to re-develop it, with some add bits and pieces of their own.
  4. And guess who sold em their system? Yes `BT`
  5. I get my 16mB broadband connection from Germany cost me £9.00p a month Downside--cost me £400 for the satellite hardware
  6. cor blimey, whers Mary Popins when you need her?
  7. I suppose thinking about it, if we had no Private medical health care in this country then the NHS might be better off
  8. The whole system is screwed up.....! Many Doctors & surgens & other NHS staff work 3 days a week for the NHS & 2 for private medical health firms earning 3 times the money, which in turn backs up the NHS. My daughter works for Nuffield private hospital in Southampton, she gets sent NHS patients from Southampton general hospital to help with getting the queues down. It wouldn`t surprise me if these NHS patients are actually seeing the same Doctors/surgens as they would in Southampton general but at double the cost
  9. Ok point taken on using the emergency services, but that is what i am meant to pay part of my national insurances for, but once i am in hospital BUPA will take over, when they find my BUPA card in my wallet
  10. As far as NHS cash flow is concerned, things are really screwed up. But what about my situation, my company have private medical health care with Bupa so i dont need to use NHS. This is where things i get angry..... I have to pay £250 a year to the tax man for not using the NHS, because he says its a benefit, the way i see it he should be paying me not for taking up NHS resources!
  11. I am 90% sure that the file you are sending is not compatable with the other phone. If you are sending an mp3 file then the motorola may not accept it because it does not recognise it.
  12. I prefer rural accommodation, i always use Stay on a farm i always find that the food & the personal greeting far superior to any hotel & usually cheaper.
  13. I fly to Dublin at least twice a month, I dont have a passport or New style driving licence, just company ID, but be careful it does depend on which airline you use, I always fly BA and never had a problem, company pays so cost is not an issue although it is £268 return. I did request a passport on expenses but they said no.
  14. Some PC come with built in bios features that will perform a low level format Low level formatting takes the HDD back to factory settings, but be warned low level formating can take 24hrs on todays 200gig HDD`s
  15. melpen

    Dirty Tricks

    When i once worked in a factory we had this cleaner/handyman person who was a bit slow in the educational department shall we say, we once told him to have a go at the company director because he was being fiddled out of some money. When the production line broke down everybody had to do overtime to get things rolling again. He had great delight in boasting to everyone that he has been put on 6 - 6 shift 12hours, we told him we had been put on 7 - 7 14hour shift, the company director could not make him understand and agreed he could do 7 - 7 if he felt that strongly. This guy also told us
  16. I know a few years back, the department for pensions stated to me that my wife may not claim her pension when she retires at 60 because i will be 52, stating that throughout her working life she has not paid enough stamp.But if we divorced when she reached 60 she could then claim. I dont know if this is still the case. Its all so complicated.
  17. ignore the above viewer dont work Try this web site, it may help CAD viewers
  18. I have exactly the same problem, i use IE to download XP updates via automatic download. After consulting many experts, they have found a conflict in services, between IE6 & automatic download service & Background intelligent transfer service. After turning off automatic download service IE6 works, but then cant keep up with critical updates. Anyway changed to firefox, use windizupdate for XP updates left automatic updates off, works a treat,(still have IE6 installed but ignore it) Had to re-install printer but after reboot restore worked ok
  19. Hit scroll lock twice until you hear a beep, then press number 1 or number 2 depending on which computer is on port 1 or 2
  20. is this it? THE MINSTREL BOY (Thomas Moore (1779-1852)) Air "the Moreen" Ancient Irish Air The minstrel boy to the war is gone, In the ranks of death you'll find him; His father's sword he hath girded on, And his wild harp slung behind him; "Land of Song!" cried the warrior bard, (Should) "Tho' all the world betrays thee, One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful harp shall praise thee!" The Minstrel fell! But the foeman's steel Could not bring that proud soul under; The harp he lov'd ne'er spoke again, For he tore its chords asunder; And said "No
  21. You can upgrade SD card, i have fitted a 512mB to my TomTom, but you may have to do a re-install (remember to find your device code) you might be able to copy contents of old SD card to your PC then copy them onto new SD card using activesync, i cant remember which i did. But in short yes you can upgrade your SD card in your TomTom, i bought it from Boots its a Fugitsu 512mB
  22. When backing up you really need to backup the full operating system as well as all your data, that way if you have a hardrive failure to reload takes hours instead of days. Backing up to DVD is ok, but most backup programmes use ISO therefore you cannot restore individual data files. Using DAT you can actually restore individual files if needed. DAT is a SCSI format which means you need a SCSI card total cost around £400 but it is extremly fast, there are IDE backup drives available, but are more difficult to setup for £150 & if speed is not required. If you require more in
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