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  1. WOW!! That is an incredable piece of engineering, and what a wonderfull way to remember. Mind you I dont think I'd use it for fear of losing it.
  2. Well I dont know about anybody else but in the "religion" box I now always put Piscatorial Pilgrim it sure brings any conversation to a stop.
  3. Sounds like lot of "Richard Craniums" live there.
  4. Well it was just as I anticipated, done the docs, done the repeat prescription for SWMBO and then out to the church. Set up on arrival and off to the tree, and yes you guessed it was there for 2hrs and no sign of the pink/black ones, plenty of the orange/black ones which are clearly identified as Harlequins. Still there's always this afternoon will take the camera then as well. To add insult to injury I thought as there was no chance of taking piccys of these creatures, I would go round to the village pond area and take some photos of two delighfull and playfull little donkeys, T
  5. This afternoon as per usual I took the dog for a walk in the fields behined the church in Brafield. On the way back I stopped at the churchyard gates and waited for him to finish his sniffing and snuffling around, whilst waiting I looked at the Lime tree near to the gate as it was covered in various insect life, and one of the insects caught my eye as it stood out form the rest of them. It was to all intents and purposes a ladybird, but it was black in colour with pinkish/purple spots, it was the same size as a normal ladybird and similar in every way bar the colour. Now was I seeing t
  6. Bluey

    Brain Age

    I scored 26 and I'm 58 so what does it prove??
  7. The Pug 406 has just been down for its MOT and passed with no trouble at all. Only thing the bloke rang up to say its on its way back to you but you've got a split in the radiator, eh?? Now there was no problem with the cooling system when it left me in the morning, it transpires they ran it up too hot and what pretends to be a header tank has a split in it requiring the rad to be replaced. After many arguments they refuse to accept responsibility for this split, so gotta fix it myself and I will not return there in the future. Now this thing has what's called Conrad fittings to
  8. Bluey

    grass carp

    Hi cobra, I had a quick look round for you and found a couple of places. Try these...... http://www.fisheries.co.uk/brickhill/index.htm http://www.fisheries.co.uk/heyford/index.htm For any more best place is your local tackle shop. Hope this helps.
  9. Can anybody tell me whether it is illegal to buy and import porcupine quills for the purpose of making floats???
  10. Does anybody collect plates with angling/fish interest on them. I was trawling through ebay and I found THIS it looks quite a nice piece and might be of interest to any collector.
  11. I once owned a 1978 Volvo 265GL auto estate and I can tell you that mine certainly did. It took us ages to work out what light had actually blown, and it wasn't until I noticed that it was only lit when we had attached the caravan to the car and we found both the tail lights were out on the van. Also I had a small panel fitted which told me when the indicators on the caravan were working. So if you own a Volvo you may well find that yours will too.
  12. I hate to tell you this, but... it already has happened again, and again, and will continue to happen. Remeber Cambodia? Rawada? (sp) Iraq (the Kurds?), even again in Europe, Serbia, Croatia, Genocide is still alive in the world somewhere today. It will continue to happen while nations turn a blind eye to it.
  13. Been to see the lads this morning after some spares and the Ecoteck is a Vauxhall thing only, but I've heard on the radio this morning that Ford are planning on going one better and offering £5000 yup £5000 for your car when you trade it in for a new one. This is Ford's initiative and not the governments. So come on Elton what does that make the new RS then?? Could you manage it?? Under the Ecoteck they get in 12 cars each a day on two transporters which make 120 cars a week, that's a lot of new cars so why do they say sales are down? Looked in the yard an they've got a 56, 57 p
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