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  1. Ni aswenr to yuor qeutsoin: On!
  2. Jan, either I'm dribbling or your dog's just done something on my keyboard. Oh, OK, it's not the dog.
  3. Not is the farmer plants them deep enough they won't.
  4. Or, conversely, you can use the remote from your TV set to check if the radio's working. Turn the radio set on, point the remote at...........
  5. Particularly in London, everything is quick. Everyone wants to be first in the queue (that's if they do queue): for the train, to the next set of traffic lights, to get on the bus......I wonder if it's an increase in competitiveness caused by crowding. I notice a marked difference in quickness between the West Country and the Home Counties, people in the latter tend to amble along pavements and make no attempt to avoid one another. But all things change. When I first lived in the West, I'd chuckle at the roundabouts as motorists would pause and stare at other drivers, wondering who was go
  6. I missed the thread but it sounds like one that was likely to go south rapidly. Surely we should be bright enough to recognise that we must be very careful before posting on contentious threads - I'd suggest NEVER a fast reply and consider whether our post actually adds to the discussion in a constructive way. I was recently caught out by contributing to a pulled thread and, with hindsight, realised I should have been more circumspect. I apologised to Elton by PM and received a gracious reply. I do wonder if, rather than deleting such threads which may be 90% civilised discourse, that
  7. Happy birthdays both Guess I'll be drinking for three tonight then
  8. "Nymphs and the Trout", Frank Sawyer, 1970 and "The Pursuit of Stillwater Trout", Brian Clarke, 1975 On revisiting, both remind me that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel; all we need to do at the water's edge is to THINK.
  9. Hi Kieran, I started reasearching this myself before Christmas but didn't get very far either. For what it's worth, theres a Spanish fishing forum here: http://www.caranx.net/forums/index.php?act=idx. Scroll down and there you'll find the English section with a translation on how to register. Remiss of me, but I haven't taken it much further myself but there are clearly a number of ex-pats contributing and you may get some useful info. Hope it helps PS: Please keep us posted - I'm keen on investigating the Canaries myself.
  10. Welcome Knight. I must have missed the fun whilst jetsetting again. Bass or mullet should be good hear once the tide comes in - lovely sandy beach. Big too. Enjoy the forum
  11. Mea Culpa This may give a clue http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.p...topic=57680&hl=
  12. Ive been into virtual travel for a while but nobody's noticed. I'll move again in a couple of days - might try skiing as it's a bit warm here.
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