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  1. Another option is goal post converters for a goal post set up or cross bars to convert to a pod set up, get the best of all worlds in set up combinations.
  2. Thanks Elton Forgot to mention, despite all my efforts and my wifes second place, I BLANKED, so all I can say is "I taught her well" Cheers Trevor
  3. Hi All and Elton Havn't been on the forum much recently, but just wanted to draw your attention to the article on Anglersnet about the Godenboll***s charity match for Cancer Research UK. It was an amazing weekend and raising £21,400 + for Cancer Research UK and the newly wed couple of whom the bride took second place against 20 guys was me and my new wife Karen. Please take time to read the write up and maybe some of you might like to join in next year, which is being held over 3 venue's rather than 1. Cheers Trevor
  4. Hi Kestrel If you want any info on Monks, Have a chat with Lee and Ian that own Cambridge Carp Cabin at Sawston, they have been members for a few years and will tell you all about the place.
  5. I can second that Elton,I got one back in the summer and I had the latest one come in the post a couple of weeks back. Excellent quality video and footage and information on the venues. It really does get you thinking that if you have never been to France before, maybe it's time to try it out. I have never had a mad desire to fish the big French venues, but after the DVD me and my other half are seriously thinking of trying it out in the future, as they are all not 20-40 acre mahusive pits,we liked the look of Hideaway lake on there, small, very mature and quiet, so it gives you a broader pro
  6. I have just changed from Dynamite Halibut pellets in favour of the Bait Tech 16mm pre drilled, as the Dynamite seem to be falling apart more, lately when drilling them yourself, have heard this also from other people. I use Betaine green groundbait and mixed pellet sizes in a half and half stick mix more these days, making sure your hook point is pulled into the ground bait end, rather then the pellet end, so as not to mask the hook point with a pellet stuck on it, works great. Had loads of carp and 4 nice cat's on the 16mm Bait techs the other month. Tried them last week end though in anoth
  7. ESP or Gadner etc braid scissors all work well, I have used both with no problems, got ESP at the moment. As for loosing them, I got a cambo sunglass case from Peacocks for about £2 and keep all my bating tools, boilie stops and scissors etc in it, and just make sure I put things back in after use and put it in your pocket, have never lost anything since, untill the day I put the case down in the grass and being camo can't find it.
  8. They get my vote aswell Gav and also Maple 8
  9. Have you considered ESP Raptors or Korda wide gapes, if you fancy a change, but the hooks your using are normaly ok, could as with all hooks, be a bad batch, but normaly if it's that, tends to be the hook point being blunt or the edge coming off easly, but it could be possible they can be straightning if a dodgy batch.
  10. Your supposed to do your bait in the microwave Den, not coat your leads.
  11. The owner is Jerry Hammond and yes the back lake is brooke lake, I had a 17 1/2 lb mirror out the last time I fished it, it is a day ticket and you can pay an extra anual joining fee, which gives you a key to the gate, so you can drive right down to it, to save humping all your gear over the river lea etc and then treck down to the lake.It is a bit weedy in places and has been cleared alot and stocked, but some great spota and features to fish, a stuning old lake. The other lake there is a syndicate and has some stunning fish in there, but there is a waiting list. Give Jerry a call or pop in a
  12. Funny how it goes Budgie, I have never caught a thing on Strawberry/cream and monster crab only tutti, all though monster crab has had some excellent catch results, but never worked on any waters I fished.
  13. Depends where your fishing or time of year, what works at one place, doesn't in another and vice verser, but some seem to be good all rounders, as some will work better in winter or summer. Can also be problem's with certain baits on waters that have a lot of silver fish or crayfish, at the end of the day the bait that I have caught best all round with is 15mm Nash Scopex.
  14. Nice fish and pic Den, where was it you was fishing, anywhere near Canterbury?? looks a nice mature lake,I have been looking around the area for some nice quiet spots, since I moved down from Essex.
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