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  1. The worst letter I ever wrote.... Dear Jim,please fix it for me to go on " Its a knockout ".
  2. No problem here,but then again I use Firefox.
  3. Ken,if you get a kindle you will come across someone who has a memory stick containing 12,000 books.I know I did.
  4. If your money goes that far try an Ovation.I've had one since 1980.It just gets better.
  5. Two top tips. Dusty carpet..........never been beaten. Creosote..........good over fences.
  6. Is the solution from a bacteriologist not good enough
  7. I believe the problem of smelly washing machines is due to the fact the washes are done at such low temperatures.Bacteria are not killed off at these low temps and sit and fester in the residual water left in the machine. A simple solution is to do a wash with just a good dose of bleach and run it at the highest temp that the machine does. Do this once a week and all should be solved. ( Removes bacteriologists head off shoulders. )
  8. But the Karma Sutra says this is " Doggy Style "
  9. I'm sorry but after many ,and expensive attempts to free " saltwater zips " I find it much cheaper to throw offending bag in the bin and buy a new one. Sorry but I speak the truth.
  10. Sharkbyte,that did the trick.Thanks
  11. Apple iPhone was working one moment and then it was'nt.Fully charged etc etc,but it won't turn on.Anyone had similar problem and if so how did you fix it.Ta.
  12. My Wife gave me some Viagra tablets and said you have'nt been at your best just recently.I gave her a years membership to weightwatchers.............Thats when the fight started.
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