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  1. As Steve above says, bread is fine in moderation....maybe two or three times a week and always remove uneaten bits as it will definately pollute your pond. But if you are going to feed bread, feed wholemeal bread as it's a lot better for them and i often put a bit of runny honey on the bread for my koi....they love it. Among other things worth trying.....all in moderation and alongside normal fish pelletts or flake are....maggots, worms, sweetcorn, lunchoen meat, prawns, cheese.....infact anything you'd use for fishing. The fish might like some of the stuff and might not touch some
  2. Might be worth taking a few small spinners if they were chasing fry and i've known perch caught on meat baits in the past such as lunchoen meat and ham out of your sarnies.....might be worth taking some if nothing else works What a super looking swim there. Andy
  3. Although i've fished for just about all species since i started fishing some 35 years ago, i've always wanted to fly fish for trout. I know a lot about watercraft, seeing what's hatching on the river etc etc and i've tied thousands of flies for other people in the past. But i've never cast a fly in anger. The idea of standing around a featureless resevoir just seems like Mackerel fishing off Brighton marina....although i appreciate this would be a good place to learn the trade. I would eventually love to fish some of the crystal clear chalk streams of southern England. I have a rod
  4. I love 'em all but the sight of a huge Bream slab coming to the net is a sight you'll never forget. Closely followed by Perch, Tench and Rudd
  5. jevs

    Rod advice

    I want to start looking for a new general purpose float rod. I've had my trusty 13' float rod for 15 years now and although it's served me well, i'm now fishing in a pond that contain carp up to 12lb....and they're very hard fighting fish for some reason. I caught a small carp yesterday....about 4lb and it took 15minutes to land. Great sport i know but the rod was bent double and i felt it had no more to offer if the fish had been bigger/stronger.....in other words, i didn't feel terrible confident. So i want to have a look around for something better. I can't afford to break the bank.
  6. Yep.....certainly shubunkins can if conditions are good. Depending on the sizes, some of the babies could've been from last year too !!! The babies are likely to be shubunkins. Orfe need flowing, well oxygenated water to spawn although they will occasionally in a large pond.....my pond at work is 100' x 60' and i have 9 orfe at about 15" long and they haven't spawned.
  7. Very nice too !!!....hopefully the first of many
  8. This is worth a look m8. http://www.allthingspiscatorial.com/
  9. I'm sure i was told once that the countryside and wildlife act on the above applies between April and September and only on certain hedges....i stand to be corrected on that though. I shall be cutting my yew hedge at work this week.
  10. jevs


    Had a gorgeous zebra moray eel in my reef tank. Stupidly tame, would take a frozen prawn from my fingers with extreme gentleness and take it into his cave and have a fight with it.....occasionally the eel would win Zebra morays have "crushing" teeth which are like football boot studs whereas other morays have sharp teeth. Here's a pic of the beast which measured about 24" long when i got rid of the tank.
  11. 2 x 150 w, old style arcadia metal halide lights for sale suitable for marine aquariums or planted freshwater aquariums. They have a bit of surface rust on the bottom but a bit of hammerite would sort that out. I've adapted them to take double ended bulbs and the existing 10,000k bulbs are 6 months old. I also have an old spare set for emergencies. I had them running on my soft coral reef aquarium with superb results. Collection only from Lewes, East Sussex as they are quite heavy £50 for the pair Andy (01273) 480046
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbFVBiGuQlU
  13. I personally think that the starter stuff is ideal. It contains most of the terminal tackle you need and you have a seat with it (the box). You could of course just go to one of your local tackle shops and ask how much they would be prepared to charge for a similar set up. Or, you could go out and get all the top of the range stuff, look like the dogs danglies, spend an absolute fortune and then not catch a thing for 6 months and pack it all in. You will, as you get more into the hobby, start to "upgrade" your gear. You might take up carp fishing or barbel fishing in which case, you wi
  14. Yep....a good all round float rod m8. I have something similar which i've had for 15 years. I just take it down the local duckpond and enjoy catching whatever comes out....2 oz roach, bootlace eels or the other day, i caught a 7lb carp. As long as i'm catching fish, i'm happy (that should say as long as i'm sitting in peace and quiet by a pond, i'm happy). As for other tackle, you'll need line, a variety of barbless hooks (sizes 8 up to 18), a landing net, unhooking mat (essential really), floats, a dispenser with various sizes of lead free split shot in, a couple of rod rests, bait bo
  15. If i was in your position, i'd go for the 13' waggler rod. The other two are a little bit more specialised. The float rod will allow you to fish in ponds and slow flowing rivers and will comfortably handle fish up to 10lb with ease. Spool the reel with 4lb line for normal fishing and 6lb on the spare if you know there's a chance of some bigger fish. I found some of the fishing stuff from Argos to be pretty good for general fishing. Their float collection is excellent as is many of the other bits. Don't forget your rod licence either !!! Good luck and looking forward to hear
  16. I've personally got no problems with paying £25 odd a year for the privaledge of going fishing. I think fishing can be a pretty cheap hobby to start with......rod, reel, terminal tackle, landing net, chair, rod rests etc and you could probably get kitted out with a good basic set up for £100. Now that is cheaper than a lot of hobbies. Also, and correct me if i'm wrong, some of your license money goes towards maintaining our rivers and lakes, restocking them, pollution control and countryside maintenance around the waters.
  17. From a personal view, it's always best to completely re-spool. If you use a "bulk spool", you can just spool the whole lot on and forget about it. In my opinion, if you just add new line by tying the old to the new, you'll one day catch a fish that will require loads of line and you will eventually get to the point where the knot is and you'll lose the fish Hope that makes sense Andy
  18. jevs

    My aquarium

    Funnily enough, my rams have just spawned for the first time. The babies have hatched and been moved to their pit in the sand so i've set up a little 6 gallon tank in the kitchen and i've moved the babies to there. These rams were Checheslovakian (god knows how to spell that ). A lot of fish are being bred there nowdays and my dealer (fish) says they're the best he's ever had !!! Got any pics of your tank Alan that you'd like to share....and have you got any links for the bloke on ebay. Come on everyone....get your tank pics up Here's a pic of my old 5x2x2 reef. It won 4 tank
  19. Yes there is. I'm trying to find a link for quantities and sizes. I'm sure you're only allowed to take 2 fish a day of which only one can be a bream, roach, carp, perch etc and they must be over a certain size. Apparently you don't as long as the above is adhered to and you hold a licence. However, i'm not sure if that applies to privately owned fisheries or just rivers (which are owned/run by the EA) The EA website is tediously slow at the moment.
  20. Been listening to Keith Arthur at the weekends on talksport banging on about this every week. Tons of people phoning in with complaints. I personally can't see the problem with taking fish home for the pot providing the people are licence holders, the quantity and size limits are observed and the fish are killed immediately they're caught and humanely dispatched. There are legal quantities and sizes of fish that you may remove from a water if you're a license holder.....i'm sure the EA have details. The main people that are doing this are Eastern Europeans. They will happily eat roch,
  21. jevs

    My aquarium

    Earlier on this year, i gave up keeping a reef aquarium after 20 years. It had become very expensive to run and i could no longer devote the time to the maintenance schedule. So i sold up and regained my lounge. But, being a fishkeeper, i knew i would set up another tank one day. This came back in april when i aquired a 48x18x15 tank. After umm'ing and arr'ing over what to keep in it, i decided to go for a planted freshwater aquarium. The tank has been set up for 3 months now and i'm chuffed to bits with how it looks. Details are as follows 48x15x18 tank, homemade lid and j
  22. jevs


    Aqua-vacs are pretty good at getting small amounts of silt out but if the silt's as bad as Rob say's, you'll be emptying the pond with the aqua-vac anyway !!!!....plus it'll cost you a lot more. Just my opinion though. There is another way if you can do it and that's to syphon it out using 1 1/2" flexi pipe. The trouble with that is the bottom of the pond has to be higher than the other end of the tubing. Or, you can hire some sort of industrial pump and pump the crud out. Andy
  23. jevs


    You can get a chemical "sludge buster" which is supposed to break down the gunge.....i've personally never found them any good. Or, you can wait till autumn and give the pond a complete clean out. Get as much water out of the pond along with fish and plants and put them all into a kiddies paddling pool. You can run the filter in there too if you have one. Then, empty the pond of remaining water and silt, give it a good hose down and refill using tap water and the water from the paddling pool. replant and add fish. It can be done in a day quite easily if you're prepared and the pond
  24. Never used a pole and to be honest, i've never felt the desire to preferring to cast my float from rod and reel. This has suited me fine for 34 years but i keep seeing these nutters ( ) with 30' long poles down my local duck pond. So what am i missing.......please put your point for the prosecution and the defence Discuss Andy
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