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Exploding ragworms

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That fish at the top of the page looks familiar



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



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You need a firm grip; try using dry sand to dip them in .... I never more than half thread them on the hook from the head end (important).


If you're fishing 'maddies' or small rag, try head-hooking a group of them (collective noun fer ragworms?) only and make them stick together by dipping them in the briny before casting.


The only 'exploding' rag I've ever used are the breeding 'green' ones which are full of milt.

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I 'umpired' The Match between two England Ints last February ...... the winner (12-5 flounders) was 'Birdsnest' who dangled the tails of half a dozen maddies. 'Goldsie' snipped the tails off and caught the lesser number.


I learned a lesson from that.

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Actually I was watching John Wilson (I think) at Chesil bait up a ragworm.


He removed the tail as he says "It comes off during casting away", so I thought "Then why remove it if it comes off ??!"


Can't say I've had that happen anyway.


I think I'll go down the route of not threading them so far & double hooking them


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Allegedly you thread them on tail first for sole leaving some head dangling. Normally, I use a baiting needle and thread the head first poking the needle out at the back or stomach of the worm at the point where I want some tail dangling. The tails stay on better if you dunk the bunch of worms in the sea prior to casting.


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Got to admit to using the old rubber gloves for Rag and Lug, 100 pairs £5 from my local car accessory shop, they fit tight, give a good grip, and stop the Rags fangs penitrating the skin. :)


I always thread up the line and only leave a quarter inch hanging from the hook, pulling the rest off and letting the juices flow.



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