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I would generally think they are too big and not suitable for trout. Why not try the smallest size of mepps (ask in any tackle shop) absolutely deadly in fastmoving water or lochs (where allowed).

I have only used rapalas for salmon or bass.

Tell us where you want to use them and we might be able to advise better.

Tight lines Big Troot

A bad days fishing is better than a good day at the office. Tight lines all.

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I'd go with Peter - a rapala is a pretty big lure for most brownies or rainbows.


Small, silver bladed spinners tend to bag them up on rivers around here.


I do not know if Mepps do a similar thing, but Fladen who supply our lures do some bladed spinners with a 'feather' type bit of fluff just above the hooks. They work well on our canal, especially across faster flowing water (full of brownies).


Fladen also do a 'dolphin' range of diving plugs which sizes down to about 5cm - I do not know if rapala go down to that size, but most tackle shops ought to have a small plug type lure I'd of though!!


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Ian W


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Jeepsters right, I have some lovely little Rapala ultralights which i am sure would be brilliant for the Trout, when they are on the Minnows at the backend.



After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.



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There's no such thing as a plug that's too big for brownies. This small one works great for me;



this was caught on Windermere on that plug;




use a wire trace tho' in case you hook a pike!

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I have fished for years on the Eden (Fife), Clyde and Avon (Lanarkshire) and many other brown trout waters. I often spin for trout and can assure you that a small spinner would outfish a 4 inch rapalla on a wire trace EVERY DAY of the year. In fact on the brown trout waters I would expect to catch about 50 fish on the mepp before I got one on the rapalla.

Fact is when fishing a big water you will get small fish on a rapalla from time to time. I wouldnt recommend it though as a start point for a beginner seeking advice.

Rainbows will not generally be available in the rivers unless escapees in the Earn etc. You are more likely to get them in muddy fisheries where they will take anything when they first put in. But I would still not advocate a big lure over a smaller one.

Accept the point that there are some small rapallas , however are they as small as the smallest mepps ?? and how much more do they cost ??.

Make sure you have a permit on the seatrout waters big troot !! a rapalla could do well there esp in a river estuary. Blue and silver could be good.

Tight lines

A bad days fishing is better than a good day at the office. Tight lines all.

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