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Jim Roper:

I have long had the idea that Stephen Hawking now has.


"God is to be found within the laws of nature"

Is this a new thing for SH? As I understand it he's always been open on the question of God, but I wasn't aware he had a particular stance - though I admit I've never read even one of his books!

john clarke

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"Every time something like this happened, my dad used to say. "Why do people choose to live in such places?""


I think that you will find that the large proportion of the people affected where either linked to fishing or tourism. Same reasons that bring people to the coast all over the world.

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This whole issue is getting me very confused. I feel it very hard to have any single view on this matter. The rational part of my brain says that out of the 6.4 billion people of the world around 350,000 die every day each and every one someone's mother son....


The rational part of my brain is however a bit on the small side and so like most I see this as a disaster and am sad for everyone involved.


I had a conversation (email) with someone yesterday who is in Sri Lanka ( I work in tourism) he and his family were watching the water from a third storey window at a hotel on the East Coast. They were meant to be at a wildlife reserve where almost all were killed. This particular guy spent the next two days rounding up tourist and identifying dead bodies.

At the same time he/we were trying to sort out tourists due to fly out there next month. To them life must go on and as soon as possible despite all of the emotions they are going through.


I suppose that what I am trying to say is that we need to be able to put these things in perspective otherwise we just curl up in a ball and hide. On the other hand we should remember that none of us are far away from these things whether we live in England or Sri Lanka.


Sory this is a bit of a ramble but as I said I am a little confused on this.

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