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I’m probably going to sound a bit dim here, but please bear with me!


If my understanding is correct, I need to use a photo hosting site to store my photographs for uploading to the forum. Is there any way of posting a photo direct from my PC without using one of these sites? It’s much simpler for the monthly competition where I can just browse my files and select the ones I want to enter.


I’m currently using Photobucket, but I can’t say that I’m 100% happy with it. Although it’s a simple process, the site is slow to use, full of adverts and pop-ups and I really don’t like it. It’s also rather annoying that if I want to organise and move photo’s around that the links are then lost. Perhaps I’m asking too much, but is there a site that will help me get around this problem?


Also, I’ve noticed that whilst my photo’s are very sharp when I view them on my screen, once they’re posted on the forum they seem to lose some of that sharpness. Is that down to something I’ve done in Photobucket?


If I do have to continue using a photo hosting site, can anyone recommend any others?



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when you click on the reply button at the bottom of the window you will see browse upload, but you have to resize your pics first i think.


other than that there is image shack but i have no experience with that



Cheers Fred

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I always use http://www.tinypic.com/ for uploading photos for forum posts these days.

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I always use www.photobucket.com just because its simple


Me too; just use *Firefox* with *Adblock Plus* and you won't see any pop-ups.

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I've managed to rid myself of the pop-ups via Firefox, but the site is still full of adverts....I appreciate that it's free, but the adverts really annoy me!



have you got the adblocker set up?

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