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Ever tried gyotakus?

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This is a Japanese fish printing technique, where you can take a print from a real fish. I saw this done many years ago in California, and on my last trip bought a book that had more information on it. It is really dead easy. This is my first attempt, from a roach casualty that went t**s up after being badly hooked. Never one to waste anything I thought here's my chance to try it out.




All you need is a dead fish, preferably with largish scales and a flattish profile. First wash the fish in salty water to remove the slime, dry on kitchen towel and dab away any wet stuff coming from gills or vent - you may have to plug orifices with cotton wool. Then prop fins on blocks of wood, larger fish may need fins spread and held with sticks from behind. Then paint with water-based block printing ink (£1.40 a tube from good art shops), avoiding the eye. Then all you do is press a soft paper over the fish and gently peel away. I used a handmade-type paper I bought in the same shop, £1.35 for a huge sheet). This is the stuff you need




You then paint in the eye with a fine brush, leaving a fleck to make it look a bit more shiny. Any imperfections in your print can be touched in with a brush - or screw up the paper and try again. You can keep going until your fish gets smelly! This is a far cheaper way of keeping a record of a trophy than having it mounted, and a bit different from a photo. As the ink is water based it can be washed off and the fish eaten, as long as its still fresh enough. Have a go, its kind of fun if you are a bit arty on the side.


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Yeah, but what do I do with the rest of the sheet. I hate waste :confused:

Perhaps I could catch ANOTHER pike :D:D

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Ian FG:

There's a paper called A4 that would probably meet your needs Sportsman   :)  

ROFL! Nice one :D

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This is a far cheaper way of keeping a record of a trophy than having it mounted, and a bit different from a photo

Yes, I can see that working on the bank with a PB Pike.... :confused:









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