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why coarse fishing?

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Excellent article, Steve! It cleared up a few things that I had been wondering about. Actually, I knew that carp were a targeted species over there because I've read a few newspaper articles about Brits who come over and fish for them here (I live in Michigan). Since no one fishes for them they tend to be numerous, large, and not hard to catch.


Personally, I do a lot of trolling on Lake Michigan for salmon and trout, but I do occasionally icefish in winter. Do you use glow worms - corn borers or maggots that are fed something that makes them glow in darkness? That bait has become popular here of late.


36 ft. graphite rods? Incredible. They must custom-build them from blanks.

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seems theres a lot of people out there who took the meaning of my question the wrong way, in reply to nugg ive caught a lot of fish salmon to 18lb on 4 lb linedouble figure cod of the shore,not to mention a lot of other species. so to say i dont catch fish is an insult to not only my intelligenge but also yours because i think you are judging me by your standards, but if i have upset the applecart it wasnt my aim to and i appologise i was just wondering why , also i might have confused it with match fishing as rob ward pointed out.

and also in reply to mpbdsnu if you never ask you never learn if u havent got the kindness or the knowledge to answer sensibly why take the time to have a pop at me, i allways take time to answer any question put to me to the best i can, be it from young novices or old, and never have i said go any and dont ask

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tonyx5610 - why did folks get upset? Probably because we made the mistake of reading what you wrote (rather than reading your mind to see what you meant). Lets look, shall we?


You said

just a question to all coarse fishermen, so meant to apply to every person who holds a coarse license (or fishes illegally without one).


and not in the negative sense,

usually a tip off that an insult will follow.


but what do you get out of catching a load of small fish that put up little or no fight just to return them,

since your opening sentence made it clear that we all do this and with a strong implication that we only do this, quite a few of the responses were aimed at letting you know how wrong you were.


also why do some of u spend a fourtune on poles etc to catch these small fish

assuming you fish the pole and have some spare cash, why not get top gear? Would the hobby be more fun with crap gear? Or were you saying (and this is how I read it) that catching small fish isn't worth much so why use good tools to do it.


i know angling is a pleasure to take part in but i cant understand this fascination

several folks agreed that you can't understand.


ps im not knocking you all im just trying to understand why

interesting that asking (yeah, right) why we ALL spend so much time and money catching boring tiddlers wouldn't be seen as knocking us.


You might have been able to phrase a real question so you'd have gotten an answer on why some folks like to target small fish.


And the last post was great as well.


if u havent got the kindness or the knowledge to answer sensibly why take the time to have a pop at me

so as I read this, you are saying that the folks who took time to answer your somewhat insulting post are either mean or ignorant.


Tony - if you are a regular on here who decided to get a 2nd username and aggitate folks, this one wasn't particularly funny.


If you are really a new poster on AN, you'll do lots better to give the members an idea of who you are (in terms of angling) rather than post mess like this where a reasonable question is worded as one long insult.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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Tony, my impression of you, judging by your post, was that you are a 'big fish' angler, e.g. pike, carp or game. But nothing wrong with that, but you did come over as being rather 'superior' and 'condensending' in the wording of your question. Certainly didn't upset me. Caused a wry smile infact! I hope that my previous answer help answer you question.

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to newt if u read my last statement it was in response to mpbdsnu in his reply he said why bother asking not to the ones who took the time to answer my question properly, also i stand by my statement that if you dont ask the question you never learn, as i dont go coarse fishing i was just trying to understand the reason why people find it more enjoyable than other types of fishing, secondly im not ashamed to ask questions and would never get a second name just to wind people up

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Tony, I don't go 'game' fishing that often, simply because what is available locally is expensive, also I don't much like fishing ponds for stockies and the nearest wild water game fishing is some way away. I tend to fish for what is locally available, coarse and sea. If I had a nice trout stream at the end of my garden then I might chase them.

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Message to Tony: your question is one I often ask myself, when returning from a trip, having only caught small fish. There are two easy answers, the first is that every one of those small fish (and the missed bites) could just as easily have been a very large fish. The second is that when I get home, my wife usually reminds me of all the jobs I could have done, if I hadn't been out fishing! All fish, whether small or large, are co-conspirators in avoiding such tasks...

You meet all kinds of animal on the riverbank.

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