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  1. ah but can you knock a nail in with it
  2. impressive selection of hammers havent you got a nail gun
  3. what a strange rule has it got many members :confused:
  4. rob.i


    Ah the bit between the others
  5. rob.i


    H is a good topic but I like J better its more interesting
  6. I had the same problem on Sunday with skimmers and small Roach Den and Cranfields advice sorted the problem even with 2 maggots on the hook PS I was legering and the bites became more agressive [ 10. May 2005, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: rob.i ]
  7. at first glance Ithought it was a bivvy
  8. God help him in his new job of getting 2.7 million off Incapacity benefitand into full time employment [ 07. May 2005, 11:47 AM: Message edited by: rob.i ]
  9. the fish fairy. or bird transportation
  10. as a joiner you would have to know too much about the building practices of all the other trades plump for plumber or sparky
  11. Id like to know who buffs the mirror
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