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Drennan matchpro / matchpro ultralight

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Well that was hard. Posted 23 January 2013 - 05:30 PM (post #1) you lamented you were being VERY strict with yourself. I see what you mean. Posted Today, 12:53 AM (post #20) after enduring unbearable punishment (dinner and all that).


I sympathise and feel your pain. I admire your will power.



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that must have been a terrifying and traumatic experience.

Steve I have a Matchpro Ultrllight 14' and use it for most of my float fishing, river and lake and really like it. I would n't use it for heavier work anything over 4lb mainline but I use it for trot

Steve   to me a lot of the pleasure of fishing is also enjoying using the right, balanced, and nice to handle equipment. If it was all about the catch we would use overkill equipment to make sure we

Thanks Phone, I have reappraised my priorities, and realised that if I don't spend all my money on fishing gear I will be induced to spend it on less important stuff - like buying myself an expensive dinner for my birthday ;)

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Darling wife has taken me away to a very fancy country hotel to celebrate my 40th.


I have just picked up the tab for (a really outstandingly good, but still...) dinner in said fancy country hotel, which came to about £150 for two people.


Price of new rod put into context - will be picking one up on Monday and ordering an Abu 706 to go with it!

Happy 40th - whats it like? I have one in a couple of months:-P



Different floats for different folks!


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It all depends on the type of fishing you do (and enjoy). Trotting for roach and dace is my thing and the rod comes highly recommended. It has dealt with chub to four and half pounds, but I would not really want to use it on anything much bigger.



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Well, thanks everyone, I have bought one! :)


Now all I need is for the rivers to go back down to a trottable level and I can take it for a test drive!

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