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I use Masterline Toothy Critter lures in various sizes and weights. I like the ones with the long tails that stream out behind. You can also catch fish on the drop because the lures swim on their own while sinking. Cast into a hole under a tree and let the lure swim down, if there are pike and perch about they will often hit them straight away.


Because these lures only have one upward facing hook you can pull them through weed and bounce them along the bottom without getting snagged.

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The ABU Toby is, I reckon, a seriously underated lure by the piking community. But it's the 18gm silver that I find out fishes other weights and colours.


The 32gm Pikko pedunkle outfishes other weights of the same pattern. It does seem that some designs are more effective at certain weights.

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dunno about the trout but I like to fish dusk and dawn, yep pike and perch love these times too. Saying that however pike deffinatly have feeding spells so it will depend on your chosen water.


The river I fished seemed to come alive at 11am and then die. So I always got there around 9am and stayed till 12.


Good luck




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You really need to distinguish between the species more.


Each one requires a different approach. Whilst obviously you may catch a 30lb pike on a spinner designed for perch it is fairly unlikely.


Fishing for perch and trout is more alike. However, you will find they prefer different colours and different times of the day.


For trout, I think you can't beat trotting a worm on a small float, but small spinners can be fun too.


For trout I'd get an ultra light rod and reel (unless in a still water known to contain large pike), for perch I'd go medium (chance of a pike is higher) and pike I'd go for something that is up to the job, such as the kit I suggested above.


Peter Waller is FAR more experienced than me, but I've got a few fish to my name now, and with each one you gain vital knowledge.


I find the evening is very good for Pike. I've had up to 6 fix in a session whilst my buddy had 15+ (we lost count). Nothing massive in the last couple of weeks except for one which snapped his 50lb wire and got away...looked like a warthog on steroids and ate half of another jack I was reeling in.


Best of luck.

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Well i want to go for trout and perch more than pike


A small spinner will do the job ?


Also, once you have cast in should you leave the bail arm open and allow the spinner to sink ? How do you know when it has hit the bottom ?


Thanks :D

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If you are using braid you will feel the lure better than on mono - you should be able to feel when the lure touches the bottom.

Count how long it takes the lure to go down - then you can vary the depth by counting down and varying how quickly you start to retrieve after casting.


A smallish spinner with a tag of red wool is a good starting point for perch.


I really rate the Panther Martin spinners myself.


Have fun


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Also, once you have cast in should you leave the bail arm open and allow the spinner to sink ? How do you know when it has hit the bottom ?

Your line will go slack for a moment when the lure touches bottom.


If the water is basically the same depth over much of the area you are fishing and you want to get the lure deep, you should count time until it his bottom and then if you have a cast where the lure hasn't reached bottom when it should, strike because it's likely a fish has it in the mouth.


When you are retrieving you will certainly notice a take on most styles of lures but the can often be just the slightest tap. Strike.

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