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Browsers...get Firefox

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Peter, you can change the homepage in Tools/options. Thats another thing I like about Firefox; all the stuff you need to alter is in there, all in one place.


I've installed that "forecastfox" and its excellent; now got Arbroath weather forecasts on the toolbar but I notice theres a tide timetable in the variables too. How do you get that to show on your toolbar?

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Thanks Jaffa thats another job done!


It certainly seems to be more streamlined than IE & much more user friendly. Its going to be interesting surfing with Firefox



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I downloaded it, tried it and then got rid of it. I run IE and already have all the various devices for blocking ads and pop-ups. It wasn't the slightest bit faster than IE, but that might possibly be because I am running on Windows ME.

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the tabbed browsing is the main thing about firefox for me peter, several websites can be opened and switched between easily in one firfox window

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How do you get the bookmarks/Favourites to show on the left hand of the screen, as in Internet Explorer ?

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