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Weather down your way.

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that says more about the locals there than the weather though judy ;)


Actually I have on occasion assisted in clearing those roads. They are swines, although one can see some idiots I agree. Don't forget, Jeepster, one stuck car can stop twenty behind.


BTW love the story I was once told about someone hitching a lift home with a plough driver. It was one of the ones with an A-Blade, and nearly home when they met a wall of snow. Not to be beaten, it was down a gear, and run at it! Apparently all went white, green, white, and clear. When the snow thawed they found a green morris minor van twenty yards into the field, thrown there by the plough!


Hedlpful Hint: Try not to abandon a vehicle anywhere where it could be construed as an obstruction. We were told we could cheerfully move them with the loading shovel bucket any way we liked, with no comeback! :o

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Previous post reminded me of something from years ago,my first husband(the one that thought a frying pan was a good xmas pressy) was working for the council then driving a gritter lorry when the weather was bad.One bad night I struggled into work at the Children's Hospital...we watched the snow falling all night....it was my 10th night on duty(last one) we were being told we would have to work through as the day staff could not get in!At about 9am I was told someone had come for me and were waiting...... it was my own personal gritting lorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS still now snow!

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AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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It was snowing most of the night here (just north of the Forth bridge), most of it is away or gone to slush, but I have a feeling it might freeze tonight, it's getting chilly out

I've been to Scrabster... and I want to go back!!!

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