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TV Bhutan feedback - many thanks. CR-W

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Thanks so much to everyone for all the positive comments about the Bhutan episode of The Accidental Angler. It is great to know that we hit the mark.


The fishing content might be too light for some, but in defence I'd say that the series has definitely captured the attention of people who wouldn't otherwise watch a programme about fishing. I think that does more good for fishing in the long run than risking losing that part of the audeince by making the programme too technical. Getting the balance just right is tricky I admit, and it is good to be made to think about these things.


mickeythemackerel asked how I got involved with the BBC. I was very lucky. I write about fishing in a few magazines. On the back of that I wrote a book two years ago, and the BBC liked the combination of travelogue and fishing and thought it had potential for a series. The commission took nine months to get the green light though, and nearly didn't make it.


There's been much comment about the walking stick: I did bring it back, though it is six inches shorter (to fit in my bag). I'm chatting to the Willd Trout Trust about giving it to them for their auction, hoping it may raise a bob or three for their conservation work.


As for the Hindustani Ambassador – I stand corrected !! Thanks for that.


Thanks again everyone. I hope you like tonight's programme in Brazil.


best fishes,


Charles R-W.




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Just finished watching the Brazil episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. The fish you were catching at the end of the prog looked like they put up a good fight as well as being good to look at, and well done on beating the Brazilians on their home turf :D


If only the England cricket team could do the same....


Btw, the Hindustani Ambassador is probably a better drive and more reliable than its' Austin namesake ;)


Looking forward to the final episode now, and hoping there will be more in the near future!


Take care, John

John S

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There's been much comment about the walking stick: I did bring it back, though it is six inches shorter (to fit in my bag). I'm chatting to the Willd Trout Trust about giving it to them for their auction, hoping it may raise a bob or three for their conservation work.

Charles R-W.


I suppose the amount you get for it will depend upon which end of the stick you cut the six inches off :lol:


I too enjoyed tonight's programme. Best one yet I thought.

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Having just got back from a fishing/birdwatching trip to Brazil , we found the programme very interesting.


Personally, I can never see enough actual fishing in this type of programme, although I take your point about the series being designed for a wider audience. Aside from the fishing, I did like the dancing girl :sun::sun: - we saw plenty such on our trip.


Preparing, cooking and eating the catch was a good sequence, but the "build up" of persuading the locals to take you to a good tucanare spot went (IMHO) on a bit too long -I found myself muttering "get fishing man, there's only ten minutes left!"


We had plenty of tucanare action on our first two days on the Xingu, after which we changed tactics and tried to catch as many different species as possible. The rivers we fished were somewhat rockier and swifter than the waters shown in the programme, and I can well understand tucanare being hard to locate in the flooded varzea forest. However, the Rio Negro and the area around Manaos will certainly form part of a future trip.


Try to talk the BBC into a second series!



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Very enjoyable again last night, Charles. You seem to have a "Palinesque" style - very unassuming and likeable, and completely unpatronising to the locals, which is nice. By the way, I thought your Brazilan guide (the boatowner) was terrific. He had a very sarcastic English style sense of humour - he seemed like a great bloke.


Actually, my Mrs moaned about having to watch "another fishing programme", but even she was watching avidly by the end. Good job, man!

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I like the balance of travelogue and fishing, and I'm glad the programme included the fishmarket, spear fishing and cooking sequences, as well as the potted history of Manaus. (I've just found that Manaus has pretty high resolution Google Earth imagery if anyone wants a virtual sniff around; see attached .kmz).


Charles, do you have a lot of angling footage that you haven't used? Enough for a more fishing-focused follow-up in a more minority interest slot?


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