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Salmon fly casting is 90% technique and 10% equipment. I'm sure that rod is nice but given the the graphene element must be microscopic then it seems to me that it is probably just a very nice graphite fly rod.

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.



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Salmon fly casting is 90% technique and 10% equipment.

True, and the distance required can sometimes be reduced by appropriate watercraft (fish location) and careful approach.

Over the years I have used greenheart, split-bamboo, glass fibre and carbon fibre fly rods, have caught plenty of salmonids on all four, but salmon only on the last three, as I do not entirely trust greenheart to survive the fight (have landed double figure rainbows with greenheart though)


It seems to me that too much emphasis is placed upon casting distance. Most fly-casters can cast farther than I can, so I have had to rely heavily on getting within my casting range without spooking the fish. Against that, most fly-fishers spend far more time than I in false-casting. A fish cannot take a fly being waved in the air. Roll and Spey roll casting is much under-rated, but has the advantage of much less time spent in re-casting


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