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Me, Firefox, Or Windows 10?

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When I try and download photos from my albums to Photobucket, I get hang ups (20 seconds) or "Not responding" or even get booted out. Pretty much everything else is ok, if somewhat slow at times (about 3 seconds ) to change from one forum page to another.



Only a cheapie HP 11" Stream lappy and only 2 months old. Methinks it is Firefox versus W10. No trouble at all when I had W7

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I am getting more non responding on firefox since i updated to win 10 (newest firefox) so i guess its firefox but you never know what shenanigans are going on in the background with microsoft ,perhaps its a deliberate ploy so you use edge?

My sisters noticed using her office (not sure of year) on win7 it saves one way but on win 10 its different and more convoluted after it got the win10 updates

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Bit of win 10 and photobuckets fault. Photobucket has always been a resource hog made worse by the increased requirements of windows 10.


Could try disabling javascript on photobucket using the firefox plugin "Noscript" it might default to a simpler layout

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Photobucket has often acted strangely for me in various different ways.


I can't help with the Win !0 component as I'm still using XP.


I used Firefox for a long time but am now using a similar browser called Palemoon, it's working better than Firefox was.


I do use NoScript, and while you have to allow Photobucket itself to set scripts in order for the site to function I don't allow the other thirteen sites that want to be allowed to set scripts on the page.


They must surely slow things down, and as it works for me without them they are also completely unnecessary.

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