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NHS in meltdown

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simple, lets put 10 p on income tax.



ohhh and come out of paying e u subscriptions to leave their errrrrmmmmm free market. :thumbs:

Or lets cut what the greedy MPs can claim for, put a limit on their greedy arses,20p would be a better hike chum :icecream:


And get a health secretary with some gonads to stop money being hemorrhaged by cheif execs and red tape, stop the expensive consultations, stop paying firms who charge over the odds for substandard goods sold to the NHS just because they know the NHS will pay for substandard products, stop the locum doctors who also hemorrhaged money from the NHS. Employ doctors, nurses on contract and not on locum terms.


charge foreigners holiday makers £20 a shot when they leave the UK, it works for other countries !, That would rake in billions, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh BUT, the greedy MPs would have to have a very expensive consultation with very expensive barristers QCs to oversee the consultaions, then it would be down to the equally greedy lord, most of whom snore their way thru the day, to pass any such amndment.


In a nutshell the country is at the whim of overpaid MPs and snoring unelected greedy lords. Get rid of them, :hammer::bangin:

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simple, lets put 10 p on income tax.

10p on each candy bar would be even simpler, and a damned sight more useful.


On second thoughts, that wouldn't be enough - make that £5 on each bar.

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