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Help with windows defender

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I have windows7, I can not turn on windows defender.


I have tried fixes I found on the net, they didn't work


I thought I would uninstall and reinstall but I cant find it in programmes and features..


I can get a small window that says defender is turned off----- click here to turn it on , that doesn't work either.

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Get a real bit of protection ,you can get nortons avast or any other bit of software for a few quid on ebay .


I usualy use norton 360 ,ghis year i tried avast and now am returning to norton it doesnt keep telling me to buy more avast software!


If you have other protection then defender wont work because its happy to let the other stuff do the job ,all you can do is enable periodic scanning or nothing at all

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You could try Installing windows 10??


When I bought this Laptop,it was on windows 8, I then paid the shop to put it on windows 8.1 (so it worked like windows 7)


Then Microsoft changed it to windows 10 outside my control - they just did it!!!

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Visit this page. You can download and reinstall it from here.



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