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I'm Fishing Tomorrow

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You didn't just fall off a turnip truck. May be "the biggest you've caught" - but it ain't no PB. No scales no PB. Unless of course like Tigger and myself you never mention you don't have scales with you.  Then a fish can weigh what ever you want.

Ohh, about your last post - - - - - - - - - - The page you requested does not exist

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Well folks, we arrived at the venue - Kippax Park Lakes about 8:15 Wed' Morning for my first session since last September & Trevor's first a couple of years!! Not the best of starts, as when untan

Tried using poles in the 70's ( shaky fiberglass heavy things) theres something missing using one! I think its a reel . The idea just feels wrong and far to complicated pulling bits off and putti

Good luck on yer day out Martin :).

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Beg to differ Phone - A PB means just that!! Don't go all technical on me!!

 A Personal Best. I reckon that by the length of time it took to get it in on the same tackle as before & same venue & the feel of the fight.

One just knows. Some wouldn't know the fight with a Centrepin if it bit them in in the arse!!

I don't need to justify myself so lets just leave it at that.


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Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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