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new paddlefish record

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That photo doesn't seem to match the news reports that suggest the new record was snagged in Oklahoma.

Snagging is a pretty unpleasant way of catching fish - especially as they are then released.

Species caught in 2020: Barbel. European Eel. Bleak. Perch. Pike.

Species caught in 2019: Pike. Bream. Tench. Chub. Common Carp. European Eel. Barbel. Bleak. Dace.

Species caught in 2018: Perch. Bream. Rainbow Trout. Brown Trout. Chub. Roach. Carp. European Eel.

Species caught in 2017: Siamese carp. Striped catfish. Rohu. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Black Minnow Shark. Perch. Chub. Brown Trout. Pike. Bream. Roach. Rudd. Bleak. Common Carp.

Species caught in 2016: Siamese carp. Jullien's golden carp. Striped catfish. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Alligator gar. Rohu. Black Minnow Shark. Roach, Bream, Perch, Ballan Wrasse. Rudd. Common Carp. Pike. Zander. Chub. Bleak.

Species caught in 2015: Brown Trout. Roach. Bream. Terrapin. Eel. Barbel. Pike. Chub.

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Nice bait, but I would cut that in two to increase my chances of a nice fish! ūüé£

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As I read the daily news it was most confusing. I then realized there are indeed two fish both a new record.  One, the Oklahoma fish was snagged first at about 14? and then this fish followed 3 or 4 days later. Every large paddlefish is not submitted, my guess neither of them are record fish.  Ohh, they have always been known to me as "spoonbill".

OK, Most facts cut and paste from the US fish and wildlife. 

Paddlefish require specific flows, temperatures and substrate to reproduce. Spawning is triggered by a combination of daylight, water temperature, and water flow.   Females reach sexual maturity at 8-10 years and make spawning runs every 2-3 years.

Fish numbers are maintained by stocking hatchery-produced fingerlings that are 10-12 inches long. In MISSOURI we have a very shirt season, middle of March to middle of April. 

Because they are filter feeders, the most popular and dependable way to catch paddlefish is by snagging.  Personally, I have never caught one or fished for one simply as a matter of principle and don't fish with guys that do

Paddlefish live well into their 50’s or longer and have been reported.

The only other Acipenseriform we have are Sturgeon  The eggs of an adult sturgeon can weigh well more than 20 pounds and paddlefish are a great substitute. THE EGGS SELL FOR RIDICULOUS SUMS

ERRRR ‚Äď they have an extremely low tolerance for C&R that is another long and sad story. It is not a glossy part of American fishing.


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