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So What's EA & Angling Trust Doing About This Then??

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Answer = Nothing much at all, It's much easier to go for the soft targets like fishing License dodgers, which gets the Angling Community wound up - deflecting the Real issues which are too hard for the EA & the "Self Appointed Tossers" who call themselves -The  Angling Trust, to tackle!!.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vk71#:~:text=Panorama investigates the scandal of,discharging sewage without a permit.

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I emailed the EA (before the AT existed and spoke for all of us whether we wanted them to or not!) When a bridge was being built to replace "temporary" ww2 one ,they half filled the river with concrete chunks to put the crane on (obviously from a building it had rebar sticking out of it) and crap inc plastic bags and bits of wood etc telling them it was po!uting the river and altering the PH .

They got back to me telling me an "inspector" had visited the works and saw nothing of concern ,despite seeing oil coming from it and seeing the same at the downstream bridge i couldnt go any further further emails were not replied to ,within weeks all the streamer weed was dead ,so much for looking after rivers !

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The EA and AT are imo very similar to a placebo.

There is a local small river to me and it is being polluted on a daily basis.  The river was recently full of small chopped up plastic. This river runs into another slightly larger river and all the way down them both the bankings were strewn with these bits of plastic.  The smaller river often resembles milk some days, some days it looks like a bowl of washing up liquid.  The few remaining fish were killed a few weeks back with some kind of pollution.  The same pollution was fed from that small river into the next one again so who knows how many fish and creatures the pollution wiped out.  The EA have been informed numerous times with photos and videos but they say they are busy, but keep reporting the incidents! The council have also been informed by angry locals but again SWF is being done.  The slightly larger river is also being destroyed with sewage, various pollutants and rubbish etc and the banks are literally caked in arse wipes , sanitary towels, plastic bottles, tin, balls, bags, you name it!   I will no longer fish in this river as it is so full of sewage and I really think the chances of catching some kind of illness is too great.

And the EA want rod licence money or you will be fined and may have to appear in court, isn't that demanding money with menace?

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