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fishing boots

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You want a pair of these http://www.muckboots.com/

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I'll second that. Recently bought a pair of muckboots Speys, very comfortable, very warm and no problem with walking a fair distance. Best boot I've had to date but tad expensive at £70.



cheers for that i will take a look at a pair

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when I lived in Sweden I purchased these ice fishing boots




Water proof, warm up to -40c, good for walking and I have had them for 8 years and they are still in good order (used in two swedish winters and 6 british)


I highly recommend them

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Another vote for Muck Boots. Here's what I posted in the past:


"I'm not a big fan of Moon Boots as I find them uncomfortable to walk in, although the Sundridge ones are better than others I've had, including Skeetex and Boom 80s.


I reserve my Moon Boots for boat fishing on very cold days, otherwise I wear my Muck Boots. Together with a foil liner to reflect the heat and (on cold days) 2 pairs of socks, I find MuckBoots to be excellent.


"I can thoroughly recommend the Muck Boots range of neoprene footwear, that Newt originally suggested. After a lot of research I bought the Esk style as they have a mesh liner to wick moisture away (especially useful in Summer), and are heavy duty enough for fishing.


I find them exceptionally comfortable to wear, especially as the neoprene lightly grips the calf. This also prevents mozzies getting in! They're also more rugged than wellies and so should last much longer. They're almost as warm in winter as Moon Boots, but very much more comfortable to walk in.


I spoke to several stockists, and although not quite the cheapest, Oakbury Welsh Cobs were the most helpful and so I ordered from them. Their web site is at http://www.oakburywelshcobs.co.uk/muckboots.htm


This is how they describe the Esk


"A state-of-the-art working boot, the Esk has a high rubber covering on the leg and a superb sole tread.

Other features include: a highly reinforced toe cap and instep; a removable 'Nitrocel' footbed for additional insulation and cushioning; an anti-shock heel made from MuckBoot's own 'Absorb' open cell polymer; a kick-rim to allow boots to be kicked off without damage; and a rubber Achilles protector to shield the wearer from blows to the back of the ankle. The Esk also has MuckBoots' own 'air-mesh' technology. Thousands of tiny vertical fibres allow air to circulate throughout the internal lining of the boot. When combined with the CR-Foam bootie, it provides an unmatched comfort range of +85oF to -85oF."


The price is £59.99 + postage. Granted, that's not cheap, but spread that over say 10 years and that works out at about 50 pence a month.


Finally, do bear in mind that you need to buy at least 1 size bigger than your shoe size. I take an 8½ shoe and found that I needed a size 10 MuckBoot."


Update: I've now had my Muck Boots for well over a year and I can honestly say that apart from being muddy they're as good as new. The only downside is that they are a little on the heavy side. However that's a small price to pay for their durability and, above all, comfort.

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I thought I'd be able to pick up a cheap pair from Ebay, but nobody seems to have any unwanted Christmas one - click here.

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I got a pair of Muck Boots for X'mas, the Derwent model.


I'm not sure about Steve's sizing advice though, perhaps it's model dependant, or even foot shape specific?


I usually wear a size 9 or 10 (depending or shoe brand/design), and um'd and ah'd for ages before deciding on a size 10 boot (I actually read reviews online saying the boots were very generously proportioned for their stated size). My first trip out, wearing my thick winter socks, it was obvious the boots were too big, as the painful walnut size blister on my right heel attested to! With two pairs of winter socks the boots fit fine, and not tight enough to restrict circulation causing cold feet.


I've so far only worn mine in near or sub-zero temps, and apart from inactive seated sessions at -5 or so degrees C, my feet have not been cold at all.

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