Photo Forum – Free Competitions

Photography is now so much more accessible and cheaper to take part in with the advent and spread of digital cameras, even mobile phones now have the capacity to take good quality pictures with the ease of simply being able to delete the shot if its not upto the mark, no waiting around for films to be finished, then having them developed, its instantly gratifying.

An increase in photographs posted on Anglers' Net was noticed and after some quick discussions a seperate area was created to encompass this steadily growing hobby. In a few short months we have an active photography forum covering all aspects of photography for all levels of photograhers, from the compact point and shoot user to the more complex SLR owners.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the "Photo Challenge" we have running at the moment, it works like this. A Judge picks a subject and everyone has two weeks to take a photograph on the given subject and posts it in a thread in the forum. When the challenge is closed the judge picks three entries, his/her top three and a poll vote is started and all forum members are then allowed and encouraged to vote for a one week period, the winner of this becomes the Judge for another challenge down the line, so spreading the burden and giving different viewpoints of photographs. It should be noted that the first four challenges, winning entries where taken on point and shoot cameras, proving that the forum is indeed for all levels of photographers.

Then we had an offer we just could not refuse, Patrick Leigh of The PrintBiz ( contacted us as he wanted to sponsor our challenge and award prizes to the winners of the challenges. This takes the form of a mousemat and coaster set with the winning image printed onto them, a great reward for the hard effort that went into taking the shot.

The PrintBiz ( have an awesome array of goods that can be printed with your photographs or graphics and the quality is excellent, everything from mugs to mousemats, t-shirts to hoodies and all manner of gifts for hen and stag nights or items for fishing or golfing.

We have had seven winners up to now in the challenges, bearing in mind the first four where taken with compact cameras, here are the winning photos of those, the winners names and the subject for that challenge.

Photo Challenge #1 People
Winner: Jan V
"Potter at Work"

Photo Challenge #2 Windows
Winner: Nurse Judy
"Picking Xmas dinner"

Winner: HellBelly
"The Bridge"

Photo Challenge #4 Communication
Winner: TubularBelle
"I knew she was the one when our eyes,eyes,eyes,eyes met"

Photo Challenge #5 Transport
Winner: Paul mc
"Traffic Lights"

Photo Challenge #6 Mans Best friend at Work or Play
Winner: Gillies
"Making a splash"

Photo Challenge #7 Architecture
Winner: Steve Randles
"Something old Something new"

Get yourself along to the photo forum and take part, its a lot of fun and you'll learn some new tips and tricks. You can pass on your triumphs and disasters, the benefit of your expierience and take part in the challenges to, who knows you may soon have your photo on a mousemat and coaster set courtesy of the Print Biz to hold your drink and mouse whilst you browse Anglers' Net!

Steve Randles