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When it comes to buying a carp fishing outfit, bite alarms are part and parcel of the modern day set-up. In fact, the advantages that they offer have led to them being used in just about every type of freshwater fishing in the UK, to a certain degree.

In this article, we take a look at some of the advantages of buying a complete set, as opposed to individual alarms, and show you a few of those that are currently on the market.

It’s no secret that some items of fishing tackle are quite expensive, and bite alarms can be a perfect example with top end items from brands such as Fox and Delkim selling for well over one hundred pounds each, so when looking for a complete set up you’d have to mortgage the house! Luckily, there are alternatives, some of which offer a complete set for less than the cost of one top end alarm!

With budget being critical for many of us, it seems silly to spend hundreds of pounds on a complete set when you could save yourself a fortune and invest that money elsewhere in your set up, and what’s more, we’re not all carpaholics who spend every waking second on the bank, so why spend a huge amount on something that’s only going to see the light of day a few times each year?

Whilst the adage that you often get what you pay for may well ring true in some cases, it has to be said that with advancements in some areas of fishing tackle – not to mention cheap imports – bite alarms are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time, yet they come loaded with more and more quality features. What’s more, many of the sets nowadays come complete with a remote receiver. Receivers have come a long way over the years and new technology has done away with messy wires and plugs. Receivers give you the freedom to move around your swim in comfort knowing that when the alarm sounds, the signal will be remotely transmitted to the receiver – which you keep with you – in the same instant.

The other advantage is that you can keep the volume down, which tends to please everyone else on the lake. Many carp anglers will tell you that nothing winds them up more than continually hearing other people’s alarms going off, whether it’s for a run, the wind or simply because they’ve just cast out and can’t be bothered to turn them off whilst sorting out their hanger or swinger!

So, what should we be looking for in a complete bite alarm set? Well durability is the key, you need a set that’s obviously going to be able to stand up to the rigours of the UK climate, whilst also being robust enough in design to last you a long time. Here’s a few that we’ve singled out to match all budgets;

Hardwear Pro Bite Alarm SetTo prove that you can get a complete bite alarm set on even the smallest of budgets, check out the Hardwear Pro Bite Alarm Set, offering a remote receiver and three bite alarms.

For the money, these new alarms are incredibly robust and waterproof, featuring refined sensitivity to ensure that they will always provide instant indication when you need it most. The alarms feature digital transmitters, have easily adjustable tone and volume control, are bite sensitive, and come in at under £100.00 all in. What’s more, at the time of publishing Fishtec are doing them for just £59.99 – over £40.00 off the RRP!
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TF Gear Dave Lane Mag Runner Alarm SetAnother fantastic deal for under £100.00 is the TF Gear Dave Lane Mag Runner Alarm Set, again comprising of three bite alarms and a remote receiver. These superb new alarms From TF Gear have been exclusively tested and approved by Dave Lane, so you know you’re getting the input of one of the industry’s leading names.

The set utilises the finest electronic components to offer a 100% weatherproof casing. In terms of looks, compact simple bodies will appeal to those in the less is more camp! This set should retail at around £149.00, so again you’re getting a good deal for your money.

The alarms feature total visibility LED’s in red, white and blue, extended battery life, and are simple to use with no unnecessary functions.
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TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm SetAlso under a ton is the TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm Set at £99.99, again with a saving of £50.00 against RRP.

The I-Tone alarm set offers outstanding bite indication using in-built digital circuitry to promote superb functionality, reliability and sensitivity. The alarms have volume and tone control and the receiver has variable volume control settings. We also like the little receiver stand which allows it to sit nicely on your bivvy table.

The alarms have easy to use controls (volume and tone) and the receiver has a 150M receiver range.
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TF Gear Glimmer Bite Alarm SetIf you like the idea of an even bigger saving, then it has to be the fantastic TF Gear Glimmer Bite Alarm Set, which should retail at £299.00 but we’ve found for just £149.99… how good are we!?

The Glimmer bite alarm set is one of TFG’s best selling lines providing the serious angler with the ultimate in all year round bite detection. Totally weatherproof, 100% reliable and incorporating state of the art remote transmitter systems, the Glimmer alarms have been tried and tested under the most demanding of fishing conditions imaginable – and have proven themselves time and time again to be the only choice for the dedicated carp and specialist angler.

They offer fantastic reliability in all conditions and feature; long battery life, high visibility interchangeable LED’s, super sensitive unit heads, adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity controls.
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Prologic Senzora Bite Alarm SystemAnother set we just had to feature for those with a little more cash to splash is the Prologic Senzora Bite Alarm System, which really is a cut above compared to others in the same price band coming in at just £179.99.

The Prologic Senzora Bite Alarm System is fully loaded with top end features and is designed to operate under tough conditions. The Senzora bite alarm set includes: 3 x bite alarms (red, yellow and orange LED’s) with adjustable volume, variable tone control and sensitivity adjustment.

The wireless receiver has the following functions: Memory function which allows you to see which rod was last activated; individual LED’s to match alarms, 200 metre range with vibration mode. As a nice finishing touch the set comes complete with a compact padded carry case, allowing safe transportation to and from the lake and secure storage between sessions.
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Overall, our advice is not to worry too much on how your bite alarm set may look – concentrate on how it will perform – after all, the fish won’t be able to tell the difference! Look at which set – and price tag – best suits your type of fishing, and try to look a year or two down the line as you don’t want to outgrow your set in twelve months time.

Whichever bite alarm set you go for, you’ll be able to spend the money you save on other tackle items on your wish list, or perhaps more importantly, spend it on some good quality bait – that’s an area where the fish will be able to tell the difference!

Tight lines!

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