In the video below, sea fishing journalist Mike Thrussell shows us how to put some serious fun into boat fishing with the Shakespeare Tipster!

The Shakespeare Agility Tipster rods are great off the beach, especially when bite detection is key. With their ‘feeder-like’ qualities, they show every nibble, yet still have the required grunt to bring even the scrappiest fish to the net.

But boat anglers tend to use beefier tackle and this often lacks the finesse of their beach fishing counterparts. Why do we do that? Probably because that’s how we were told to fish!

Try the Shakespeare Agility Tipster rod and not only will you potentially catch more fish, as you’ll see every bite (well, if you’re watching the rod, that is, Mr Thrussell!), but you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear as every sensation is passed from hooked fish to angler!

Have a look, see what you think and head over to if you fancy checking out the whole range.

If you ever find yourself in North Wales, we highly recommend a trip out on My Way 2. The skipper’s always good for a laugh, but does also know his local marks, species and boat better than anyone else we know of. Head on over to for the latest catch reports and booking info.

And, finally, it’s only fair to give young Mike Thrussell’s excellent sea fishing site, Talk Sea Fishing, a plug. You’ll find it at


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