Chas Cook shows us this well-proven rig for carp fishing at range

Chas Cook shows us how to make an effective Distance Lead Helicopter Rig for catching big carp at long range. Obviously, this is just as effective for UK carp fishing. For fish that don’t require a long cast, you may like to consider the standard Helicopter Rig, which is set up to drop the lead in order to minimise the potential of the hook being freed by a bouncing lead and any danage to the fish itself. Ed

Distance Lead Helicopter Rig (set up dropping the lead)

Component Parts
Carp Rigs
Lead core leader – Rubber bead – Wide bore swivel – Extended tail rubber – Inline 3oz-5oz distance lead – Standard size 8 swivel

Carping Rigs for France
Wide bore swivel goes over the end of the tail rubber – Rubber bead is pulled/pushed on to the end of the extended tail rubber

French Carp Fishing Rigs
Greased tail rubber pushed onto the sleeve of the distance lead – Lead core leader is drawn over the outside of the distance lead and passes through the tail rubber


Helicopter Carp Rigs
Swivel goes into the bottom of the distance lead – Leader is then drawn tight over the profile of the lead – Q ring attached to the eye of the swivel at the same point as the lead core is attached

Carp Rigs for French Carping
Rig set to show a bottom bait – PVA bag containing carp and trout pellets attached to the Q ring

Distance Helicopter Rig
On the take from the fish the lead is dropped, the helicopter component parts slide down over the leader onto the leader swivel

Chas Cook, Vaux

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