Made by Fox this inline system will allow the lead to detach itself when snagged. On purchasing this set-up, make sure that the insert can slide through the inner bore of the lead to ease discharge.

The slit which runs down the side of the lead can be opened up with a screw driver to allow the insert to release the lead easier. The Tubing, in this case E.S.P. sink link, sinks the mainline in the feeding area and prevents tangles.

Added by Julian;

The inline rig described above is probably one of the easiest set-ups to use for carp fishing, and thus proves extremely popular on waters up and down the country. However, it should be noted that its main purpose is to work bolt-rig fashion, and its use is designed primarily for hard bottomed lakes with minimal weed.

In addition, the inline rig is ideal if your favoured approach is to use PVA bags, as the slick aerodynamics allow easy casting.


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