Can you please tell me – how do you tie lead core to your fishing line without using a swivel – Is there a knot called the Carot Knot?

There are various different knots you can use to attach your mainline to your Leadcore, and as you’ve already mentioned, using a swivel is not one of them.

As you probably know, a swivel may look the easiest way to attach and detach your Leadcore from your mainline, but the swivel does not allow the lead arrangement to discharge should your mainline break. This will certainly lead to a tethered rig. Swivels also pick up weed very easily and are prone to snagging.

I’m not familiar with the Carot knot and one I’ve never come across.

If you buy or make your Leadcore with spliced loops at each end then tie your mainline on to the Leadcore using a simple Grinner or Palomar knot.

If you splice your own Leadcore then the best and safest knot by far is the ‘Moors’ knot, which was invented by Keith Moors.

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