Knots are an integral part of any angles armory, knowing of different knots, how to tie them and when to use, is just as important as choosing the right bait. When tying a knot, ensure all is correct before tightening, then do so slowly. Lubricate all knots in water (or in your mouth) Always check (by pulling it) that it will not come undone, and that you have not "kinked" the line, tying it. If you have, redo!

The knots included here should cover most of your fishing, but if you use smaller hooks, you will probably find the need to tie a knot to a "spade end". I recommend the Drennan Hook Tyer here for this, I’ve used the same one for 20 years and it has never let me down.

When I’m using a size 8/6/4 hook, I will pass the line through the eye of the hook twice, for extra strength and security. I would also recommend this if you are using Florocarbon hooklengths.

None of these knots will need to be superglued if tied correctly, they have never let me down. And when tying the Sliding stop knot, do not overtighten as this will kink your mainline. Also, trim both tag ends on this knot to 2 inches in length, this will allow easy passage through the rod-rings when casting.

Click here for some good books on fishing knots

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