The poly ball rig pictured below, is an extermely effective rig for presenting live baits for targeting Catfish. Using strong tackle is crucial for fishing for cats, especially when fishing for the monsters that live in the rivers of countries such as Spain. The weighting of the poly balls on this rig is also a huge factor, as explained below

How do I do it? Slide a swivel up your mainline, from which should hang a weaker link, connected to enough weight to keep your livebait still. Then slide on two buffer beads, tying a swivel on directly after this. A quicksilver hooklength should then be used. Two poly balls are then placed on the line directly above the hook, with a rubber stop to keep them in place. Finish off with a hook relevant to the bait size and you are ready to fish.

Why does it work? The poly ball/balls size is crucial in relation to the size of the bait.When the bait tries to swim down to the bottom to take cover the balls must allow them to do this but be strong enough to pull it back up once it stops swimming.This keeps the bait working in a very attractive way.The bait can be either tail hooked or lip hooked(obviously if tail hooked a larger hook is required.)As a guide a size 6/0 hook and two 3/4" balls are right for a 6-7" bait. A 3/0 hook and one 3/4" ball ideal for a 4-5" bait. Both tail hooked.A 6/0 hook with two 1 1/2" balls is right for a 2lb bait lip hooked.A nice heavy lead to keep the bait and rig pinned down is best. For Cats it is recommended that you fish this rig directly off the bait runner and for Perch with an open bail arm and drop off indicator.

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