Do you keep hearing about the texas rig?  Ever wondered what it is and how to use it?

This great video aimed at beginners shows you in an understandable way how to tie and use this versatile rig that is becoming popular in the UK and is already an established way to fish in the US.

Dovesun Fishing Weights Fishing Sinkers Drop Shot Weights Rubber Core Weights Cannonball Weights Fishing Accessories Kit 97pcs

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  • DROP SHOT WEIGHTS- EASILY SLIDES OVER ROCKS: Easily slides over rocks and weed bottoms. Work great and come through rocks and wood without snagging easily. The skinny slender design allows the weight to slide right through any nasty snags. They cast a long way and enter the water with a minimal splash, and the swivel really takes away from line twist on a spinning reel! Perfect for use in any situation where bait or soft plastics are fished suspended over the bottom or submerged cover.
  • CANNOBALL WEIGHTS- EFFECTIVE AND CONVENIENT: Cannon balls weights drop faster and straighter. Very smooth when snapping on the line with no movement from casting. You can switch up your rings a whole lot faster without having to cut and retying. Definitely a good type of weight to have, if you fish with jigs a lot. Easy to put on your line and no tangling. Drop shot setup! Cannonball weights are easy to use for trolling, texas rigs, drop shot rigs, drift rigs, bottom walking rigs.
  • POPULAR DROP SHOT RIG & TEXAS RIG & SLIDING SINKER RIG: DROP SHOT RIG is a finesse technique that has been made popular by the bass fishing, walleye and panfish anglers. TEXAS RIG is by far the most commonly used rubber worm rig, simply to use and effective. SLIDE WEIGHTS RIG is a popular, versatile rig and is an effective way to fish bait off the bottom. These weights slip easily on your line without tying which makes for quick adjustments.
  • WITH VARIOUS OUNCE SIZES: With various ounce sizes: 1/5oz(5g), 1/4oz(7g), 3/8oz(10g), 1/2oz(14g), 3/4oz(21g). Fishing Swivel Snap * 16pcs, Fishing Beads* 50pcs. Availability of the various sizes for different situations. Grab a few different sizes and give them a try, you will love them. An excellent kit for jigs for deep fishing or rivers. Perfect fishing tackle for DIY Fishing!
  • EASY TO USE AND CARRY STORAGE: Fishing Accessories Kit: 11.82oz/335g. Made of premium and durable material. Two types of weights to choose. Different types of weights and sizes for different situations. Case is also convenient for anglers to carry when fishing out. A great selection of popular and effective weights. Good and useful kit. Good value! You will have considerable success with it!

Strike King Unisex's, Blue RGBUG-142 Rage Bug, 4-Inch, 7-Per Package

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  • FEATURING. Strike King's revolutionary Rage Tail technology, this soft plastic bait displays excellent action in the water
  • USE. Alone for flipping, pitching and punching or threaded on the back of a Denny Brauer Structure Jig - no matter how you fish it, the Rage Bug will display the action we've all come to expect from Rage Tail plastics
  • ENGINEERED. Streamlined body and minimal appendages, the Rage Bug can be presented into heavy cover such as matter grass or hydrilla without catching up on it's way down to the bass
  • COMPACT BODY. Displays a ribbed contour that moves water in unique ways over the plastic to create movement from appendages in order to mimic small forage species such as craws and bluegill
  • DENSE NATURE OF THE PLASTIC. Increases the bait's durability and will easily withstand constant pressure from big flippin hooks and heavy tungsten punching weights

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