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Bait Boats

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Posted 02 January 2006 - 05:27 PM

They are fun to use though, especially when you go chasing the swans round the lake........

thats exactly why i hate baitboats....i've seen this done in past more than once and people do other stupid stuff like taking stuff to their mates on far bank....1st rule on our lake was no baitboats...offenders boats will be shot....can't beat the site of boat being blown to bits :lol:

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 02:56 PM

In commercial fishing, when a new or improved method is invented, it's called "technical creep". In other words it is accepted that people will always endeavour to improve their catch rate, whether commercially or for sport. We all go fishing to catch fish....not let them go! I therefore see nothing much wrong with baitboats, as long as they are used responsibly.

If I could afford or warrant the expenditure for one, I would definitely buy one. It's just another tool in the weapons chest.

I can remember, from the fifties, the furore when fixed spool or "threadline" reels were coming on the market. The anti-argument was that they made the job of catching fish too easy, because of the ability to cast long distances with the new toys.

Think a bit about this. How do you think carp, or other species, fishing would have developed if we had been restricted to centrepins.

But, I generally fish very large, relatively non pressured lakes and gravel pits and wouldn't effect anyone with their use. If I owned the average fishery, I agree that their use is unviable, because today's average angler hasn't the brains to consider others

very well said steve

I'd just like to say i've not got a baitboat but would maybe consider it for choice situations..

I've read all the post in this thread and although kinda agree with nearly everyone on this subject i can't help feeling somewhat sypathetic or maybe even sad for all those fearing the (as u say) 'technical creep'.. the chances are they too will eventually come round to trying it out and if they're really stubborn or set in their ways then maybe it's their loss and they'll just have to just wait to hear the fishing stories of their grandchildren or the next generation saying:

son : "hey pops caught loads of carp on our last session!!"..
the response??? : "how so many? wasn't like that in our day u know, anyhow son it is not the quantity but quality of the catch that counts!"
son : "yeh yeh whatever pops, can i borrow your vintage reel for a blast on my next session? hehe"

each to their own but I love it all including using vintage tackle and the old tricks DO work and they DO bring their own satisfactions, and i still try whenever possible.. think of old Chris and Bob (passion for angling) when he sits that scarecrow in the lake for weeks then stalks from a tree before eventually replacing the scarecrow with himself to trick the carp!!! absolute magic!!! now thats technique! but i will never close my ears or eyes to new tricks and gadgets. some of us blokes are inherently gadget crazy, it's a fact and it's inevitable that new methods / techniques / systems will eventually prevail as have 99.9% of new innovations which have taken our sport to new levels and caught us MORE fish, like bite alarms etc. with any new innovations there's always that section of people who will either (as a lost cause, no point arguing) disagree till the bitter-end (for personal reasons) or slowly but surley accept the changes and embrace them.

rules on certain waters is only fair and besides at a time of transition as in any sport it's usually the non believers stubborness which can be thanked in the end for addressing the key issue which here is of etiquette and an anglers right to a peace and tranquility... baitboats on a 1 acre lake whizzing back and forth or poaching other peoples swims?????.... capital N capital O, no! like with most things there's a time and a place. large lakes and gravel pits with large distances between anglers, urmm yes ok. :)

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