Bob Nudd: Your March Questions Answered

Welcome to another selection of tips and hints from Bob Nudd; the section of the site where Anglers Net visitors get the chance to put their ‘fishy’ questions to the four times World Champion;

Hi Bob,
I have been fishing for a year now and was wondering what is the best bait to use to reel in some big perch? I have been using two red, and one white maggot on my hook, and all I seem to catch are the smaller ones. My boyfriend says perch aren't worth it, but a fish is a fish and I like the perch!
Thanks a lot, regards Norma

Hi Norma,
The best bait for big perch is Lobworm, either use the tail or a whole worm, perch just can't resist them. The only problem is, worms are not the most favourite bait for girls!!!
Good fishing, Bob Nudd.

Hi Bob,
I have been pole fishing for a few years now but I still don't know exactly which elastic to use and what size and weight of fish I can hold on any one particular elastic. Also what size line I could use on a given elastic before causing damage to my pole?
Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,
It’s always difficult to know the exact size you should be using, normally when you buy a pole it will have an elastic rating, which you shouldn’t exceed. Also, a lot depends on the hook size you can use; normally with larger hooks you can use stronger elastic.
Good fishing, Bob Nudd.

Hi Bob,
I would like to ask you whether you could help me to choose the right pole. I am looking for a 13m - really strong river pole to be able to cope with the most demanding fishing situations. I would like to use it to fish in quite fast and deep rivers. The pole should be very strong, reliable and perfectly balanced and it should allow me to comfortably handle huge fish such as big bream or hard fighting barble. But it should also allow me to perfect control of the rig in fast flowing river (floats up to 30g or even 60g), and it should come with two or three 5-piece top kits (around 5,5 m each). I would like to use it as a second, spare pole on competitions in rivers.
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
Przemek from Poland

Hello Przemek,
There are a lot of good poles on the market, the best one in the Browning range for this type of fishing is a Carboxy Titanium Power.
Good fishing, Bob Nudd.

Hi Bob,
Thinking of buying a serious pole which will cover all my needs (fished for many years), can you tell me if the CC 18mtr is fishable at full length.
Bill Campbell

Hi Bill,
I would think you are talking about the CC910 or maybe the CC990 if that is the case they are both fishable at 18 mtrs.
Best regards, Bob Nudd.

Hi Bob,
I’m looking to by a new pole. I am looking to spend up to £120 or below and also need to know what accessories I will need to by as I have no real idea as I am currently a rod angler. Got any ideas??
Thanks, lewis

Hi Lewis,
There are a lot of poles in this price range try your local tackle shop then at least you can try them out they will also give you a good idea on elastics floats hooks etc.
Good luck, Bob Nudd.