Coarse Fishing Articles

Homemade Milk Bottle Feeder

There are so many different feeders out on the market that you have more choices available to you now than you ever have. However, we are a huge fan of homemade fishing tackle too.  Paul Adams aka 'The Handmade Fisherman' produces some fantastic videos on his youtube channel and we particularly liked the homemade milk

Preparing Chickpeas

PREPARING CHICKPEAS Well the first thing you will need to do is put a layer of chickpea's into a saucepan as shown in the photo.  You want enough to put maybe two layers of peas on the bottom. Next you want to add your flavouring, colouring and any additives such as Corn Steep Liquor or

Colne Valley Tackle & Bait Ltd weekly update

There has been some exciting news come in from all over our team this week, to start us of, our quality control man Ade, he had a quick 48hr on Westfield fishery before going and helping out at an event hosted by the ffdk( fishing for disabled kids ) He managed to land a mid

Complete Starter Coarse Fishing Kit

If you want to give coarse fishing a try but don't want to break the bank then this complete starter coarse fishing kit for less than £90 is absolutely ideal.  You can find it on eBay via this link There really is a lot for your money with this kit and you will get all

Iain McDonald goes eel fishing

A name you may recognise is Iain McDonald who has been a great influence in the fishing industry for many years had been planning to some eel fishing last year but unfortunately due to breaking his radius whilst doing somersaults from his bike, the plan was shelved. Iain finally was able to go fishing for