Barbel Handling Code

Many anglers dream of catching a big barbel. When it comes to river fishing, there can't be any other fish that sets the pace racing like a barbel does!

As with any hard-fighting fish, though, the skill of the fisherman doesn't end when the fish is in the net. The joy of catching a big freshwater fish is seeing the job through to the end; by that, I mean seeing it swim off fit and healthy, ready to fight another day.

The Barbel Society actively promote responsible barbel fishing and this video, the Barbel Handling Code, shows Pete Reading demonstrating just how to capture and return these marvellous fish. And, as it's made by Hugh Miles, the quality is also excellent!

Even if you're not planning a barbel trip in the near future, this clip is worth a look. The advice is applicable to pretty-much any fish. Besides, it's a lovely film with great footage...and it's FREE!

Just click the 'Play' symbol below to watch the Barbel Handling Code.

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