Like it Ruffe?

Fishing is weird, we catch fish and put them back, we become strangely obsessive about our own personal favourite fish, automatically assuming that, because we love them then everyone else should, and because they don’t, then they are not real anglers!  I see it all the time online, massive Carp held up as the pinnacle

American style rigs perfect for LRF

When it comes to lure fishing the Americans have some pretty simple yet highly effective rigs that they use for their bass fishing.  A few of these rigs have been showing up on the UK scene over the last few years, a lot of them however are still not being used. Over the following paragraphs

A great mackerel fishing video

I am sure many of us that have taken up sea fishing have at some point float fished for Mackerel and other species such as Garfish and Pollack whether it is from harbour walls, deep shelving beaches, or rocky outcrops. No matter how experienced you become at sea fishing or how many species of fish

The perfect pop up measurements

Lots of people like the idea of making their own pop up but there are very few detailed instructions out there to help, most of the time the instructions say make up your liquids and just keep adding pop up mix until it’s the right consistency. In this article we would like to give you

Ant’s biodegradable plastic baits.

In this guide I will show you how to make a fairly tough plastic gel bait that will leak flavourings fairly quickly but will dissolve in water if it happens to come off. You will need the following ingredients; 6g Glycerine 22g Gelatin (unflavoured from the supermarket) 114ml Hot Water 1g Powdered Food Colouring 2ml