Video instructions for getting the best from your frozen lugworm

It’s not always possible to get hold of fresh lugworm and, to be honest, frozen lug has its benefits; it’s generally cheaper, instantly available (if your other half hasn’t found it hidden among the frozen peas and binned it!) and can often be better quality, especially if you live in an area where the local lug beds don’t offer much.

The trouble is, though, that lug can be a bit limp when it is defrosted. The smells that drive cod, plaice and just about any other sea fish crazy are still there, but the bait can just flop down your hook and create a mushy ball that masks the hookpoint. NOT GOOD!

In this clip, Dave Barham of Boat Fishing Monthly magazine shows you how simple it is to make defrosted lugworm look, and act, like a top-notch bait. All you need is a bit of baiting elastic…

This is a great tip for both beach and boat anglers and, if you haven’t used it before, should help you to land a few more fish!

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