Long Range Squid Bait For Cod

This is a demonstration of a long range squid bait, a great bait for cod from the beach.

The bait is half a squid, cut longways. This not only gives you a more slimline bait, but also one that is oozing juices!

A Pennel Rig is used. To create this, all you need to do is slide a second hook onto your hooklength. Some people will use sleeving to help secure this hook, but this isn't really necessary when using bait elastic.

The bottom hook is threaded through the squid a number of times. This ensures that the bait stays on AND keeps its squid-shape.

The bait elastic used here is from Fox. Personally, I use Ghost Cocoon. Both are good products. If you've never used bait elastic before, it's very, very simple. Once the bait is lashed on tightly, simply snap the elastic by hand. No scissors required – in fact, that last tug on the elastic helps tighten everything up.

The finished article casts well and is fairly resistant to crabs. However, as the juices run out of it very quickly, it's best to re-bait fairly frequently.