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Care When Livebaiting

When using a live bait on a free roaming float rig, always use an up-trace as if not the bait can swim up, pivoting on the lead, and a bite off can occur if just nylon or braid is there. Budgie

Floating Lines For Livebaits

Lines for drifting and all float work with live baits must float. Vaseline is as good as most proprietory line greases and cheaper. Budgie

Night Sight

When using semi barbed trebles at night for Zeds, paint the barbed hook white. It makes baiting up much easier. Budgie  

Snap Link

Always use a snap link to join your Pike trace to the rest of your rig. This means you can quickly and easily change the trace if it becomes worn. You can unclip it to help in unhooking. If using free roving float rig, you can attach an arsley bomb of the correct size to

Free Running Sunken Paternoster Rig for Pike

Despite the tremendous success I have had with the standard Sunken Pat Rig it does have one problem; when a Pike takes, it has to drag around the float and bomb! This doesn’t normally cause a problem but on heavily fished waters and at the back end of the season on many waters dropped runs