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Popped Up Deadbait Rig

You will all know about the advantages of popping up your bait but this is my chosen method. The curtain ring makes the rig quite free running and as well as being a good stop the cork ball helps keep the ring out of any bottom debris.   I prefer to fish my popped up

Free Running Sunken Paternoster Rig for Pike

Despite the tremendous success I have had with the standard Sunken Pat Rig it does have one problem; when a Pike takes, it has to drag around the float and bomb! This doesn’t normally cause a problem but on heavily fished waters and at the back end of the season on many waters dropped runs

The Poly Ball Rig

The poly ball rig pictured below, is an extermely effective rig for presenting live baits for targeting Catfish. Using strong tackle is crucial for fishing for cats, especially when fishing for the monsters that live in the rivers of countries such as Spain. The weighting of the poly balls on this rig is also a

Braided Mainlines

I love braided mainlines! Been using them for the best part of ten years now. Don’t get sucked into the trap of thinking that you need rods with special rings on them! My rods have standard Fuji BNHG rings and after all this time show no sign of wear. People think that the horrible grating

Sunken Float Paternoster

The sunken float paternoster rig is an extremely effective method of presenting a static live bait. If you’re fishing from a boat how do you detect takes? Some people try using a surface float, but it must be set to the exact depth if not the rig will not fish properly. All very well and