Despite the tremendous success I have had with the standard Sunken Pat Rig it does have one problem; when a Pike takes, it has to drag around the float and bomb! This doesn’t normally cause a problem but on heavily fished waters and at the back end of the season on many waters dropped runs can occur.

If this is the case the rig I immediately switch too is this one. It is also the dogs all year around for Zander and scaled down for Perch. Looking at the diagram it is self-explanatory.

Once again please note the use of the up trace. The heavier lead helps keep the bottom half of the rig firmly pined to the bottom allowing the line to flow freely through the curtain ring. The rig is set up on the bank the same as the normal pat rig. The only pain about this rig is that the snap link on the hook trace must be tied to the curtain ring with PVA string before casting out. A great rig when the fish have wised up to the normal pat set up but save it until you need it! This rig too can be used with live and dead baits.


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