A lot of people fish with boilies but did you know that in the early 90’s boilie paste was simply put into blocks and boiled.  These days people are used to fishing by simply chucking a load of boilies out and waiting for the fish to eat.

The great thing about making the brick is that you don’t need any special equipment to make it.  You will need a mixing bowl, large saucepan (or steamer), spoon for mixing it with, a strainer and something to dry the brick on.

You can make “The Brick” from most boilie mixes but if you want to make a great version it’s worth checking out the protein mix from Huel®.  This way it is simplicity in itself, if you look at the content of the Huel® you will see that it contains some of the best ingredients that boilie makers rave about such as pea protein, flaxseed, rice, sunflower, coconut, oats and a multitude of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

In this version you will need…

80g Huel® Unflavoured Protein Powder

20g Soya Flour

12g Whole Egg Powder

5g Egg Albumin

15ml Feedstimulants Squid Liver Oil

15ml Feedstimulants Krill Amino Compound

10ml Feedstimulants Hemp Oil

10ml FeedStimulants Liquid Bait Preservative

You now have all of your ingredients so let’s move on to making your brick.  Firstly add all of your dry ingredients into an airtight bag and give them a good shake to mix them all together.  In the large mixing bowl add the squid liver oil, krill amino compound, hemp oil and liquid bait preservative and give it a good stir to mix them together.

Slowly add your dried ingredients a bit at a time making sure that you stir each time with the fork until it becomes too stiff then use your hands.  Keep adding the mix until you have a dough that is slightly damp but that doesn’t stick to your hands.

At this stage you would usually break the dough up into small round balls or add it to a sausage gun to make sausages to put into a boilie rolling machine or rolled on a rolling table.  However, all you need to do with this mix is make it into bricks of a reasonable size.

Place your bricks into the large saucepan and boil for 10 minutes, if you want to steam them instead steam them for 20 minutes.  You can make the bricks either tile shapes or the shape of a brick, both will work equally well.

Air dry your cooked bricks for 24 hours before you do anything with them.  An old mushroom tray is perfect for air drying both the brick you have just made but also for air drying any boilies you make.

Once the bricks have air dried you can then cut them into various different sizes or shapes.  You will notice that when you cut the brick open there are different textures and colours all throughout the brick, this gives you a range of different tastes, textures and levels of flavouring, attractors and stimulants through all the different pieces.

It is a great way to use the common boilie mix but to give you a different enough taste and texture that may just trick that wary fish.

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